This is what REAL wealth looks like...

Yesterday I spent some time chatting with my amazing client Sandra (don’t worry if you missed it, I’ll give you link to snag the replay shortly!) we spoke about beating biz burn out and overwhelm and there was a lot shared on those topics, but I was also struck by the TRUTH of what wealth really is and how so many of us who are consumed with all things biz are getting tied up in the WRONG things.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been guilty too. As entrepreneurs - especially when you’re working full time, it CAN be hard to go ‘from feast to famine’ and panic when you can’t see where you’re next sale is coming from but, as I continually say to my clients, if that’s ALL we see and ALL we focus on, we’ve got things badly wrong. Which is the same reason I don’t talk about my sales and my clients’ sales the whole time… If that’s where you’re focus is, it’s a slippery slope and I say that for a NUMBER of reasons.

The first is basic Bible. Most of us will know the story of the rich young ruler and how he left Jesus sad when he was told to go and sell all he had. Because that’s where his HEART was, right? Just like the Word tells us in Matthew 6:21, where our treasure is, our heart is and if our heart is solely focused on material possessions and wealth, we’ll stop at nothing to get it, even if that means sacrificing time with loved ones or perhaps even gaining it from ‘un-Godly’ means.

But don’t hear what I’m NOT saying here. I think it’s important that as business owners we ARE building wealth – financial and otherwise.

But that’s where my conversation with Sandra yesterday comes in. We’ve been working together for just over a month and as you’ll hear in her interview, when we started working together, she was burned out and frustrated and wanted to binge watch Netflix while eating toaster strudel. Oh, and did I mention she’s PREGNANT with baby number two, which means she’d kind of be let off for that kind of thing for a minute, right? Anyway…

Sandra decided that enough was enough and we started working together (yes even though timing wasn’t great with the whole being pregnant thing, but she was over the excuses and ready to make a change.) When we spoke yesterday, she talked about how she’s excited about her business again, she’s rekindled her love for painting and she’s working from a place of overflow.

You know what she almost didn’t mention? Making sales while holidaying with her family on the beach!

Want to know why?                                           

Because the sales are NOT the issue. Any cookie cutter internet marketer can tell you how to make them! Sandra is an established coach and as she said in her interview, she knew how to do THAT part…

But what WASN’T working for her was the enjoyment and excitement of her business. As in, it was non-existent… And guess what that means? No sales! Or POSSIBLY selling a service or program which doesn’t light you up. But who wants to do that?

What is ACTUALLY important to you is that you thrive in your LIFE and business and I promise you that sales aren’t what is going to make that happen.

As author of ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ T. Harv Eker says: “If your motivation for acquiring money or success comes from a non-supportive root such as fear, anger or the need to ‘prove’ yourself, your money will never bring you happiness.”

THIS is why when me and my clients get clients and make sales, that isn’t the main thing we’re talking about.

THIS is why there’s a whole month dedicated to building wealth in my 6-month coaching program ‘Building Beyond The Building’ and we look at it differently to the ways in which you might have explored it before.

To watch the conversation I had with Sandra in full click the image below. It’ll especially help you if you’re at the toaster strudel and Netflix point in your biz and still think that ‘getting a client’ is the answer…

The world is waiting for your work.

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