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There will NEVER be another person like you.

Let that sink in.

You’ve been created by God for something extraordinary. And you’re a LEADER & PIONEER so it’s something which probably hasn’t ever been done before.

But you’re okay with going first.

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Welcome to Building Beyond The Building your immersive self-study coaching experience for the Christian female leader who longs to build UNIQUE salt and light authority in her sphere of influence whether building a business, a ministry, a blog, or a mixture of all three and beyond.



  • Like the fact you’ve been in business for a while but you know that you’re STILL hiding so much of your true voice & God-given authority.

  • Like the business which you’re frustrated about and just not aligned with anymore because you know you’re not sharing your FULL truth and you want to be.

  • Like frantically sharing multiple offers just because you ‘need to make a sale’ and yet not feeling totally great about any of it.

  • Like the safety of sticking at hobby status as a blogger or vlogger & never selling anything for fear of what others will think, or simply because you don’t know what to sell.

  • Like the security blanket of church ministry despite knowing you want to have impact outside of the church walls as well as inside them.

  • Like the 9-5 you settled for because it pays the bills and honestly, you don’t see another way.

Building Beyond The Building is about colouring outside the lines and letting go of ‘should’…

Building Beyond The Building is about colouring outside the lines and letting go of ‘should’…

  • Like “I should do what everyone else is doing.”

  • Like “I should get a 9-5 because it’s dependable.”

  • Like “I should keep giving everything I do away for free.”

  • Like “I should get a qualification before I do that.”


Here’s the only thing you SHOULD be doing…

Using the gifts, skills & talents God has given YOU to glorify Him whilst having impact and making income at the same time.
But you’ve heard that a million times, right? And yet there’ still something which makes you think that this kind of reality is only for other people.





I’m Naomi Aidoo, Christian Business Coach for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs and leaders like you and I’m here to tell you that if this is possible for me, for my clients and for countless other people, it’s possible for you too.

But don’t worry… Building Beyond The Building isn’t just about giving you a bunch of methods and strategies which work for my clients and I (although there will be a lot of that!)

This program is all about YOU stepping into the God-given power and authority you already have on the inside of you and really OWNING IT.

Owning the power & authority given to you by God is no small thing which is why Building Beyond The Building takes you through six modules of extensive work which will have you not only learning what it takes to shine online (and beyond) but also unlearning some of the negative and unhelpful thought patterns you’ve built up over the years which are no longer serving your bigger vision. No more scratching the surface – it’s time to go deep.


BBTB Curriculum


Ready to see what all of this looks like?...

Our journey together will look like none you’ve ever seen before. As you’ll read about below, there are 24 modules for us to go through together which are taught via powerful fillable workbooks and supporting video training. Take your time to explore our curriculum using the menu below.

  • Month One: Building Hope
  • Month Two: Building Courage
  • Month Three: Building Community
  • Month Four: Building Systems
  • Month Five: Building Wealth
  • Month Six: Building Influence

If you don’t believe that the work you have to offer the world is worth anything, no one else will either. You’re tired of learning from people who ‘don’t get it’ when it comes to your Christian worldview, which is why our first month together is about stripping back the layers of doubt which you’ve built up around your God-given vision so that you’re positioned to pursue it with more power than ever (or perhaps even for the very first time) as we start our journey through the program.

Week One: A Voice in The Wilderness – How to be a way maker following THE Way Maker when it feels like everyone else is talking about ‘The Universe’ or ‘Source’.

Week Two: Your Voice Fits – Overcoming the ‘no one will buy this’ mentality which currently has you sharing services you don’t even want to be sharing (or not sharing anything at all!), so that you can get back to being in total alignment with the work you WANT to put out into the world.

Week Three: The Strategy Strip Back – It’s time to step back from any of the cookie-cutter methods, strategies and bad habits you’ve picked up and instead step into the firm FAITH that you being the best version of yourself is where impact & income happens.

Week Four: Hope Becomes Hustle – How to fight resistance and turn your newly reignited hope into your purpose-driven push which doesn’t burn out after the first week of excitement.

You’re more hopeful than ever and re-energised about your vision. Now it’s time to start getting yourself out there bigger and better than ever before as you show up consistently. But a half-hearted message won’t cut it in a world of noise. This month we’re all about you being COURAGEOUS with your truth so that you can finally say what you want to without diluting and filtering what’s real. #NoMorePlayingSmall

Week One: No One Will Know If You Don’t Go – How to build boldness so that you can shine and share from a place of authenticity & truth no matter who’s watching.

Week Two: Seen and Heard – Organic and paid methods to getting your message out there so that you’re finally recognised as a voice of authority in your industry as you share your work in front of the RIGHT people for YOU as opposed to those who are never going to be your dream clients!

Week Three: Beneath The Surface – Public vs Private: How to make your business a part of your LIFE and not secret you hide from friends and family for fear of judgement. We’ll dive deep into what’s holding you back from being unfiltered everywhere.

Week Four: Keep On Keeping On- How to remain resilient in the face of setbacks, recognising that they’re just a part of the story which we MUST keep writing.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘it’s lonely at the top’. However true that might be for some people, it shouldn’t be the case for you. In fact, connection is what causes you to THRIVE. Family, Church, Business and everything in between – you’re SURROUNDED by community and this month is all about how to be present (and popular) in each of those communities without compromising in any areas.

Week One: The Community That’s Closest – Opening up your vision to those who matter most (husband, family, friends) so that they’re integrated and not isolated when it comes to your business. No more living two (or more!) separate lives.

Week Two: Local AND Global Impact – Why being active in church ministry doesn’t mean you can’t also THRIVE as a wildly successful business owner. Let’s talk about the minstry/business commitment ‘struggle’ (not to mention everything else you have to do!) and instead, make it seamless.

Week Three: Find Your Tribe And Thrive – Identifying and creating GENUINE connection with your dream audience/clients/customers so that you’re sharing your message with people who truly can’t WAIT to hear it!

Week Four: Brave Boundaries – How to protect & prioritise the time you’re spending on & in your business without flaking on the family and checking out of church/other commitments.

Automation, paid ads, organic engagement – all of these are buzz words and phrases which float around the online space confusing us and having you wondering which is the right route for you. This month is about just that! Creating a system (whichever route you go down – and we’ll talk about that!) which works for YOU.

Week One: SOAR With What’s Sustainable – You’re not here for overwhelm and actually you’re building your business so that you can experience real freedom in your LIFE – so this week is all about systematising your business so that it works for you.

Week Two: Armour Up! – How do you WANT to show up and serve? Because the answer to that question is the only way this is going to work. This week is about ensuring you’re dressed for battle – your battle.

Week Three: Nothing Will Change Until You Do – If we do what we’ve always done, we get what we’ve always got and yet you’re getting stuck doing the same things whilst expecting different results. Let’s change that this week & refresh the systems and the mindset you’re currently showing up with.

Week Four: Streamlined Systems – It’s time to make time for the tasks which are WORKING for you as we let go of the ones which aren’t. This week we’re tracking numbers and working out where you should be spending your time in order to have the most impact.

Let’s face it; you’re looking to generate income with your incredible gifts, skills and talents as well as impact, right? Well, considering that the latter is a given, this month is about focusing on the former – it’s about the money, honey! Let’s get over our finance fears and instead, mobilise you with a healthy money mindset which doesn’t feel icky.

Week Two: Seeing Off Your Scarcity Mindset – Whether it’s fear of making money, fear of having more than you ‘need’, or fear of continuing to invest in your business, the chances are there’s some element of scarcity messing up your money mindset. That changes this week!

Week Three: Monetising Your Message - You've got purpose and passion by the bucket load but now you're wondering if you can REALLY scale with the truth that’s on the inside of you when your gifts and your niche don’t look like anyone else’s. Good news - you can and this week, we’ll be working on you doing just that!

Week Four: Sales With Soul - Selling your offers without feeling sleazy and instead feeling totally aligned and confident with the work you're putting out into the world so that you can sell with ease and confidence.

Week One: Your New Money Story – After overcoming scarcity and sales, it’s time to write yourself a new story which means you’re ready to receive the wealth which is on its way to you.

The funny thing is, so many people look to have influence first. We’re going through this in month six because everything you’ve gone through for the past five months means that no doubt, you’ll already be influencing many. This isn’t about OTT ‘rags to riches’ stories though, this is about you building genuine and authentic connection with your message, which leaves people no other option but to listen.

Week One: The Character To Carry The Call – It goes without saying that character is KEY when it comes to having any kind of influence. This week is about looking at ours because our gifts certainly won’t take us where our character can’t keep us.

Week Two: Beat The Business ‘Friend Zone’ – People don’t pay you to be their friend. They have friends… but if you’re showing up without without your #leadermode badge on, things can get confusing quickly. You can be totally likeable and still a total boss. Let’s talk about that this week.

Week Three: Imperfect Action EARNS Influence – Influence doesn’t happen overnight. You’re not supposed to spend months and years ‘perfecting’ your work until it’s finally ready to reveal. Done is better than perfect so allow people to watch your growth. Earn those stripes.

Week Four: Vision, Mission, Message, ACTION – Every single day people are making a decision as to whether or not they’re going to allow themselves to be influenced by you. Most of that comes down to how much they believe in your vision and the way you’re communicating it. This final week of the program is about ensuring that everything the past 6 months has taught you mean you’re rock solid and ready for mass mobilisation.



About Naomi

This program has been a long time coming.

I wanted to share the message within this program almost as soon as I started my own business but I decided to practice what I preach and live it a little longer first.
I started my business selling devotional e-books in October 2016, launched and filled my first online course that December and have gone on to serve countless clients in my 1:1 coaching service and many others with my programs and courses since.
Almost as soon as I started in business, I just knew that I was CREATED FOR THIS. I can’t explain it like anything else other than everything I’d done in my life until that point finally falling into place.
My 7 year career as a High School Teacher, My 10 years in church and volunteer ministries, my 6 years as a blogger and vlogger… All of it for this.

And I knew it wasn’t only for me.

I instantly knew that who I truly am had been hiding for way too long and that there must be so many other women in the same place and lo and behold, there were… and there are.

In fact, I think you might be one of them.

One of the women who says things like “I can’t complain.” When people ask how you are and yet knowing deep down that actually…

You’re made for so much more.

I literally DREAD to think about where I would be right now if I’d allowed myself to continue to suppress who I’m supposed to be and it’s now my MISSION to ensure that I mobilise as many women as I possibly can to OWN what God’s created them for.

Not only are my clients walking in their God-given worth... there's so much more!


The success I’ve seen in my own business has meant:

  • I filled my first ever course with a double digit list and surpassed my previous monthly salary within a matter of weeks of starting my business (and no, it wasn’t because I slapped a 5k or 10k sticker on my program & managed to get one client – I heard that’s what we’re ‘supposed’ to be doing? You might have realised by now, I’m not a stickler for the rules…)

  • I matched my annual 9-5 income by month 6 in business.

  • I’ve fully booked my 1:1 services twice.

  • I’ve shifted the people-pleasing, perfectionist, ‘live for everyone else’ tendancies I used to allow to grip me plus so much more ...


So much more, like support my clients to get the most INCREDIBLE results too. Like…

  • Having the highest paying WEEK of their life!

  • Selling a brand new program (which we planned on our call) before the doors had even officially opened.

  • Going from 3 figures to 5 figures in a matter of months.

  • Going from hobby status idea to business owner making sales in less than 90 days.

  • Shifting their limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviour and instead, walking in their worth and OWNING their God-given work.






Building Beyond The Building is a program like no other and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you all. If you’ve read this far, you already know that it’s the right step for you. There has been no better time to own your unique voice and message and shine online like the leader you know you were born to be.

It’s time for you to break the mould and become the best version of yourself. I know what it takes to build a successful business and have enabled my clients to do the same. From dropping the hobby status habits, to 5-figure months, and everything in-between. Now it’s your turn!

But perhaps you’ve still got some questions? Well, I’ve got answers…


Q1. Is BBTB just for coaches?

No. I’ve worked with women from a range of niches. As long as you’re in a service based industry and want more influence and authority in the online space, this program is for you. I started out almost seven years ago as a blogger and a vlogger and so even if that’s currently where you’re at, BBTB is for you too if you’re ready to monetize your message and see massive shifts.

Q2. Would BBTB be a good fit for network marketers?

Yes. If you want to build a personal brand around your business, BBTB would be a great fit for you!

Q3. I don’t have a big following or even an email list yet. Is BBTB right for me?

Absolutely! I actually filled my first online program with over 30 women from all over the world with a double digit list and so I know how to support you in mobilising yourself for Kingdom business no matter the size of your current audience.

Q4. I’ve actually been in business a while & invested in a few coaches and courses before. Should I still go through BBTB?

Yep! In fact, a number of my clients have worked with me after working with high-level coaches because they were ready to move beyond cookie cutter strategies and into the best versions of themselves. Working in the way they’re supposed to be working has led them to see results and fast. So if you’re burned out and frustrated with where you’re business is currently at – it’s time to join BBTB!

Q5. What if I don’t have the money?

Oh I GET this one. Every single investment I’ve made in my business has been scary. That’s why I’ve made BBTB as affordable as possible as well as offering you a no brainer payment plan too. The truth is for the amount of content you're getting. Really, this comes down to you asking yourself whether or not you can afford NOT to step into all you’re meant to be.

Q6. I’ve already got SO MUCH on in my life right now. Can I do this another time?

When is life NOT busy? That’s a question you’ve honestly got to ask yourself because of course you could keep putting a decision like this off but the truth of the matter is, the best time to invest in yourself is now. Otherwise there will just be another excuse next time. The course is totally self-study and therefore self-paced so there's no rush. Plus joining BBTB gives you lifetime access so you can revisit any of the modules at any time!

There’s never been a better time to invest in YOU

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