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I'm Naomi, and I create coaching environments which enable you and your business to thrive by infusing practical strategies with Biblical principles.

I'm so glad you're here - I have a something I NEED to share with you.

Because the thing is, if you and I were sitting across the table from one another right now, glass of wine or cup of coffee in hand, I'd need to tell you two things right away. The first is this...

The world is waiting for your work.

And then, even though you'd know deep down that I'm absolutely right, you might question how true it was anyway and start telling me that you're not sure you've truly got what it takes to take your business to the next level, that you're not booking clients as quickly as you'd like, that your mindset has taken a knock recently and that you're still trying to figure out what your next level looks like - which is where I'd interrupt to tell you the second thing...

Share your message even when you're shaking.

Because the fear, the uncertainty and the doubt might not ever go away. But neither will the God-given call on your life, which is why RIGHT NOW is truly the time to go all in. No more 'small business' or 'my thing on the side' talk. I'm talking the real deal.

So, what's it going to be?


If that's the kind of message you know you need to hear and it's something you want more of, then I've got good news. There's PLENTY more where that came from. In fact, writing messages like that is where this all began - With a blog post in 2011. Now it's time to check out what I've got to say to you TODAY by clicking one of the posts below and heading over to the blog...


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A little bit about me...

HEY! I’m Naomi, Business Coach for High-Level Female Entrepreneurs & Founder of Living Word League. 

I coach, write, teach and run programs which infuse practical strategies with Biblical principles (which I personally think is the best rule of thumb for success.) I moved from a 7-year High School teaching career, to building and scaling my business after starting out as a hobby-status blogger in 2011. Within months, I was able to go totally full time and haven't looked back. My success, as someone who previously would have never seen myself as an entrepreneur means that I'm now beyond passionate about business being an expression of Kingdom-building here on earth. Hobby status and inconsistent feast to famine months aren't cutting it for you anymore right? You're meant for a business which has faith as your foundation AND soars with success. That's where I come in.

Click HERE to learn more about working with me.

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