Living for Likes and A Word From God

Are we missing out on opportunities for God to move because we’re expecting to Him to speak to us in the way we WANT Him to? The way we expect Him to?

Now I don’t quite mean the same thing as that well known phrase does. Do you know the one? The one which asks whether or not we’re ignoring a gift God is trying to give us because we don’t like the way it’s wrapped.

What I mean is similar but slightly different. Here’s the deal…

We can often make some wildly false assumptions about how God is only going speak through ‘mega ministries’ or through those with 20k+ followers as though we haven’t read the Bible recently.

The Bible which talks about God speaking through a donkey. The Bible which calls a teenager to be the mother of the Most High. The Bible which says the last will be first… and so on.

And this challenges me.

It challenges me as it will you if you’re a business owner because of COURSE it makes sense to want more clients, customers, likes, followers etc. In fact, in and of themselves there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

But are you living for likes?

Living to be liked by people and seen as doing the ‘popular’ thing while the whole time denying the call of your heart and the cry of your soul because you’ve been told somehow that the ‘likes’ is where impact and income happen?

We need to remember who God is, people.

We need to remember that if HE has called us, that actually, our gifts will make ROOM for us.

We need to remember that we don’t need to be one of the ones fighting for the ‘spotlight’ and the applause. Not that those things are necessarily wrong, but they are if that’s what we’re seeking more than we’re seeking His will.

The Pharisees sought for the highest seats at the table of banquets and were rebuked for it. They were reminded that in order to be elevated to the position they were seeking; the elevation wasn’t going to come from them.

So take a seat. Any seat. And then do YOU. Be you, speak your truth, share your message and let God do the rest.

I personally love the opportunities God puts before me and if I CAN find a way to be a part of something I feel He’s calling me to, I will!

So last night when I got a private message from someone who recently joined my free Facebook community inviting me to her ministry’s Holy Spirit ‘soaking session’, something in me felt as though I was meant to go even though it was beyond midnight here in London. I don’t go to everything I’m invited to, but this I did.

So I jumped on before going to bed for a few minutes (I was told I could join whenever) and there were probably less than 10 people on the call, but the presence of God was evident and tangible. What’s more, God spoke to me in that little 20 minute window about the women who are joining my new program Building Beyond The Building, which was AMAZING.

But there was another picture and it’s one which I don’t believe is just for me and so I wanted to share it with you today.

I saw a pair of hands and they were holding onto a ball, almost as if they were in the midst of a game of catch. But every time the hands would go to throw the ball, it was as though they couldn’t, almost as if the ball was stuck to the ‘throwers’ hands. I felt as though this was a pair of hands scared to release the ball for fear that it would never come back and that the call was to RELEASE it! To really release it and trust that it will come back – perhaps even bigger and better than ever!

I’ve never really shared a picture I’ve had from God in my blog posts before but I trust this was right for today and that was because it was right for me to hop onto that call last night. If it resonates with you, I’d love for you to share that with me!

But anyway, for now I want to encourage you to release whatever it is you’re scared to let go of in fears that you’ll never get it back. If your hands are full with what you were never meant to hold onto, how is God going to give you what is MEANT for you?

If you’re ready to stop the striving and the fight to be seen and instead, ready to let go of whatever is hindering you so that you can FULLY shine your light and share your truth with your UNIQUE salt and light authority at the forefront, I want to encourage you to join my 6-month immersive coaching experience ‘Building Beyond The Building’. This program is honestly the best thing I’ve ever created and I can’t wait to journey with the women who join. Some action takers have already claimed their spots which means they get in on ALL of the fast-action bonuses, the first of which is happening today in the form of a LIVE four-hour Boot Camp for those who are ready to have something launched in time for Christmas.

You can read all about BBTB and all of the bonuses it comes with by clicking here.

And remember… the world is waiting for your work!

P.S. Ensure you're giving yourself permission to RELEASE whatever it is that is that you're scared to let go of. That's the message I received from the picture I had last night and if you know it's for you, you know what to do!

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