I didn’t even do it on purpose. But I’m pretty sure God did.

He has a way of orchestrating these things so that you can watch His mighty hand at work.

And oh, has His hand been at work this year!?

You see, on this day exactly one year ago, I was launching my first ever E-course. And I didn’t even know it was a year to the day.

Timehop told me…

when timehop reminds you pic.jpg

A year to the day when, after a couple of devotional e-books being sold gave me the confidence to believe that something more might just be a possibility, I shared the news with the world that my new ‘baby’ was being born into the world.

30+ sign ups later and my E-course was filled with women from all over the world ready to walk in their worth.

It was overwhelming to be honest. But more than that, it was a green light.

A green light which told me to keep pressing in to God and walking out the plans and purposes He has for my life.

And I’ve just kept going.

Private coaching clients, group coaching programs, masterminds and mini-courses plus an online community of over 500 women later and we reach today.

December 1st 2017.

A day of significance which God decided to make significant. Because after all, this is all His handiwork anyway.

Last week I told my community that I’d be running a free training the following week (have you signed up yet? We’re live in 3 hours!)

Anyway, I hadn’t decided on a day and so I told them I’d be running it on either Wednesday or Friday. No one had a real day preference and so I decided on Friday.


December 1st 2017.

Exactly a year since He showed me what was possible when I dared to dream big dreams for my life and trust in Him, the God of immeasurably more.

And so today I’m running that live training. You can sign up Here.

I’m teaching you what it REALLY takes to thrive online with your UNIQUE gifts, skills and talents.

Because after just over a year of running my own business and several years online before that, I’m starting to recognise what this is all really about.

At the end of today’s training I’ll be launching something which even I can’t believe God’s given me the idea to create and the responsibility of stewarding.

I think that once you check it out you’ll see why I’m so excited…

All will be revealed at the end of today’s training so if you’re not signed up, this is your last chance. Do it HERE.

If you’re not going to be making the training but you’re oh so excited about this new program which about to get rocket launched into the world, just give it a few more hours and a second email will be winging it’s way to you later today with the low down.

Remember… The world is waiting for your work!

P.S - If you’ve read this far, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being a part of the last year. Whether you’ve silently watched, joined my programs, or you found out about who I am yesterday – thank you. My prayer is that whatever you do, you walk out the call on your life boldly and share your message, even if you’re shaking.

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