When you don't feel enough...

I’ve told you before about how I love writing. About how as much as I write for you and hope that it supports you in your journey, I write for me because it also supports me in mine.

That’s why there is a handbag of journals stashed away in a cupboard in my house littered with words of heartbreak, hope and healing.

Words have marked me. Which is what words have a tendency to do of course. To tear down, to build up and all in between. Oftentimes though, it’s the words we speak over ourselves which can do the most damage.

Our own words can cause us to feel worthless, unqualified and inadequate just as easily as they can make us feel prideful, arrogant and boastful. Which is why we must watch what we say, not only about others but over ourselves as well.


Because earlier on I was thinking about those journals. I was thinking about the times I wrote prayers, pleading with God. Because of the moments I was so crippled with anxiety that I thought that I wasn’t qualified to walk across a room and join a conversation with a group of people I KNEW!

I was that awkward girl who never felt like she fit and always felt as though she was butting in.

She pops back up sometimes. She arrived again just over a year ago when I first started this business and told me I was kidding myself. Told me that the girl who genuinely once had a conversation with her pastor’s wife about feeling awkward about joining in with MY OWN FRIEND’S conversations could never be the same person to start a business and impact people from all over the world.

But fear is a liar and not a place I choose to live even when it beckons and calls me to hide.

Think about it. Don’t you think that’s what the enemy wants? Don’t you think He wants you to dim your light, keep quiet, stay in your box and play it safe? Don’t you think that you being salt and light in your sphere of influence is a THREAT to the Kingdom of darkness?

In case you were under any illusion with that, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely are a threat. Which is why you must shine brighter. If there’s opposition or fear creeping up in some area of your pursuing the call on your life, you know you’re on the right path.

And don’t get me wrong, pursuing that path is hard. Each step appears scarier than the one before. But don’t doubt His presence. His leading and guidance as you take each one.

Walk across the room and join the conversation. Press publish. Go live. Do what it takes and trust that God has GOT you, that His arm is not too short to save and that His shoulders are broad.

I wasn’t meant to write this post today.

Honestly, I write almost every morning and then share my posts with my VA so that she can put them out into the world. And this morning I was studying a passage I wanted to share with you from the book of 1 Corinthians (I’ll share it another day) pre-empting my Word Wednesday live stream which I’ll be doing later.

I sat down to write about this 1 Corinthians passage – I mean that’s where the first few lines of this post were meant to take me… and then this came out instead and so we’re going with it.

Because I believe God wants to remind you that He has made you enough. And that the cry of your SOUL and the call on your life are not there by accident.

He wants to remind you that pursuing that path IS scary but that you telling yourself you can’t is a lie. You can because of Who goes before you and because of who He has created you to be.

I’m not going to filter a blog post and make it become the thing I pre-planned if the Holy Spirit wants to say something else and so here we are.

I’m still of course going to be sharing my Word Wednesday live stream over on my Facebook page later, but it looks like it’s going to be a little different to the one I thought I’d be sharing! Click the button below and head to my FB business page. Like, follow and turn notifications ON if you want to tune in to more of this message if it’s resonating with you and we’ll take it from there.

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