Make Community Count

Despite a croaky voice, I laid my head on my pillow last night with a heart which is full.

You see, community is one of those things which is at my core. Not that it’s easy, not that it’s always fun and to be honest, not that I can always say I jump for joy at the thought of surrounding myself with people (where my introverts at?!)

But if truth be told, we’ve been created for community. It wasn’t good for man to be alone all those years ago and the same facts still stand today.

For entrepreneurs though, that can a bitter pill to swallow, can’t it? If you’re anything like me, you want to be immersed in your art, your creativity, your flow. You wonder why there aren’t more ‘like you’ and question whether carving out a new path for yourself means  you’re destined to a life of loneliness.

It’s time to leave those self-sabotaging thought processes behind and instead, step into the TRUTH. And the truth is, if community maters to you, you’ll make it work for your business too. After all, didn’t you start building a business which fits into your LIFE and not the other way around?

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On Saturday I had the privilege of hosting a live online Boot Camp which I ran as a bonus for the ladies who joined my 6-month coaching program Building Beyond The Building early. We had such a fun filled five hours of coaching, content and CONNECTION. And that’s what community is about. These high-level ladies were not only listening to me and setting their own goals and intentions, but they were also supporting one another, bouncing ideas off of each other and beginning to get to know one another.

The Boot Camp was actually meant to be four hours but we carried on because of how many ideas and suggestions were flowing. There were kids, dogs, husbands, wine and everything in between but these women showed up for themselves and their businesses on a Saturday and made it work.

And that’s all that business success is, you know? A series of choices where you commit to making it work and dropping the excuses which say it isn’t possible or that you don’t have the time.

And do you know what helps you to be able to do that effectively? You guessed it – community!

I ended the call on Saturday feeling SO excited for these wonder women and all the others who will join BBTB. Finding a group of women you can thrive with is such a key ingredient to your success.

On Sunday I woke up with my voice still croaky and yet excited about another day of community which lay ahead. This time it was with my church.


The festive season is always a busy one for the church but yesterday, we pulled out all the stops! I’m talking LIVE nativity (with real animals!), a Christmas fair, an international carol service and a traditional Indian folk dance to top it all off!

For anyone who’s been in church longer than 10 minutes, you’ll know that big events like this don’t always pan out exactly like you plan them and yesterday was of course no exception.

But it was then where AGAIN I saw community at its finest. Everyone mucking in to help each other for the greater good – the cause, the purpose, the reason for the season if you will.

Because AGAIN that’s what community is about. It’s not about the limelight, the need to go first or the demise of anybody else. It’s about learning and growing and building TOGETHER.

For a while when I first started building my business, I thought it would have to be about having two separate lives. I couldn’t understand how my business would take off if I wanted to incorporate Biblical principles with practical strategies because that what feels good to me. But it turns out; there are quite a few people who really want that!

I thought that my church family wouldn’t understand what I was doing or why I was doing it. The truth of the matter is, some still might not get it but all I know is that yesterday while I was chatting (croaking) with people and they asked what happened to my voice, I was freely able to talk about the training I was running the day before which had contributed to my voice leaving me and no one batted an eyelid.

Because sometimes we make building a business more ‘other’ than we need to.

Yes you’re doing you in a new way. Great. Find your online tribe and THRIVE there and then don’t make it weird for everyone else in your life. Just make it a natural part of it and they’ll follow suit.

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There’s so much more to say on community. So much more about family and friends and online vs offline etc which is why it’s a good job BBTB has a whole month on it!

If you’re ready to join a group of women who are committed to YOUR success as well as their own, come and join Building Beyond The Building because this program is about to change the game when it comes to building and scaling yourself a business which is right for YOU.

The women already in BBTB have given me an indication of exactly who’s going to be in this program – dedicated, committed, driven and real. And you’re one of them too. So why haven’t you joined us yet? Time to change that! Join us HERE.

The world is waiting for your work.

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