What runs through my VEINS...

I had an early morning meeting today and so I started writing my blog on the train on my phone. I wanted to talk to you about what it’s going to take for you to WIN.

This is what I started on the train…

Lissssssssten. THIS is how you’ll win.

You make what you want actually happen.

As in, ‘by hook or by crook’ you find a way and you do it.

Now listen, I used to full on roll my eyes when people said this to me. As if what they were suggesting sounded far too idealistic, simplistic and ‘good for them’.

That is, until I thought about my life. My behaviour patterns, my rhythms.

A few instances immediately come to mind and I’m sure you’ve got some of your own too. Recall them next time you start debating if making it happen is possible for you…



Anyway, now I’m in my local little hotel lobby I like to work in and was about to continue the blog and THEN the wonderful Tena DeGraaf who interviewed me a few months back dropped me an email to let me know that my interview on leadership has been published.

I scanned it and went to the bottom because that’s when Tena asked me if there’s anything else I wanted to add – anything which I didn’t say in the interview and here’s what I said…

“I would just really, really encourage anyone who’s reading not to suppress what it is that they feel that God has placed, even if it is a tiny seed, but instead to address it and to let it grow and blossom and bloom however scary that is.

I remember as a teacher it got to a point where for me, even though I like teaching, teaching in the context I was teaching, wasn’t the right thing for me anymore and there was a thing in me where it was comfortable and safe so it didn’t make sense for me to be doing anything else, but there would be days where I would be literally crying before I would go to work. There was just something in me where I felt, “I’m not living out what I’m meant to be living out” and I think there’s lots of people that feel the same way.

There’s lots of people that suppress, because they’re like,” it’s not the done thing”,” it’s not right”, “it’s not now”, or all the other excuses. There’s that quote that says, “You’ll either find a way or make an excuse.”, and that’s it.

So, I would say to anyone who feels like they have something in them which they know needs to be addressed, or something God’s planted in them, find a way and don’t make an excuse because I as a person have been completely transformed because of stepping into who it was I was called to be. I am more confident, easier going, less anxious, less wound up, I’m better in social situations, less snappy with my husband, so many things are different because I addressed what it was that got up on the inside of me and stepped into it as opposed to suppressing it and saying, “oh maybe one day, maybe one day, maybe one day…”

It’s important for anyone who is reading to know, that they are to address it and they do something with it and that they find a way to make it work as opposed to making an excuse for why it can’t.”


I said it month’s back when Tena interviewed me, I said it today on the train and I will KEEP saying it because it changed my life.

When God stirs something up on the inside of you which you cannot shake, chase after it with everything and DO NOT QUIT.

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Know that I will be in your corner holding you accountable to building the life and business you’ve told me you want. You’ll be doing that without forgetting who and Whose you are – in fact, you’ll step into THAT version of you more than ever.


You can read the full interview Tena and I had HERE on Tena’s website.

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