Who entrepreneurs can REALLY learn from...

THIS is who we can REALLY be learning from... ⬇️

Every Friday afternoon starts the same for them. It starts with prayer, always. The small carpeted hall becomes a hub for the Holy Spirit & ‘hallelujahs’.

You could say that’s pretty much the boiler room for what’s about to take place. That this is where things heat up before they reach boiling point. Boiling point is what happens OUTSIDE (no matter the weather - which, if recent circumstances are anything to go by, is a good thing.)

Despite what each and every one of them feel and know to be true, there’s always still a certain level of apprehension. Because the truth of the matter, not everyone thinks like them, speaks like them, and believes like them. But never once has that stopped them. And why should it?

Why should another belief system, way of life and reason for doing things prevent THEM from speaking their truth? Especially when they believe it’s absolute.

Sure, some people won’t listen, some people might even mock. Some will be indifferent. But others - others will sense that burning because they’ll feel it too. They’ll want to know more and the beautiful news is that once they find out, their lives will be forever changed.

The truth is, I think the online business world could learn a lot from my church street evangelism team.

Is it risky for a group of Christians to pitch up in the middle of a busy High Street outside the town shopping centre and tell total strangers about Jesus? Absolutely. Does risk mean stopping? Absolutely not.

And so what about you? What about you and your TRUE message? The one that burns deep down in your soul waiting to be released while your fears about doing just that give your ‘what ifs’ and excuses a field day.

You tell yourself no one will listen and you’re absolutely CERTAIN no one will pay.

You think about the friends and family you have who don’t really agree with your message and allow thoughts of their opinions to talk yourself out of being bold.

You’re convincing yourself that because no one has done it like this before, it means no one is going to like it when you do.

None of this is founded on fact, of course, it’s just the fear talking. But that’s okay, now you have a choice.

What if what God has given YOU to share with the world is literally going to be LIFE-CHANGING for someone else? Will you trust His prompting enough to step in that direction? Just like my church street evangelism team, you might have to start by sharing your message while you’re shaking. But if not now, then when?

Is there ever going to be a time where sharing your deepest truth WON’T be nerve-wracking?

So make it happen and start TODAY!

Want some support in making it happen?


Results like...

❗️CONSISTENT income in your business and no more 'feast to famine' cycles.

❗️OVERCOMING overwhelm and burn-out and creating a business which supports your life. (Instead of the other way around!)

❗️Selling your products and services with EASE instead of running away from the sales process.

❗️Getting to the HEART of your truth and your real message rather than continually scratching the surface.

❗️Allowing yourself to be VISIBLE and vulnerable in the online space with zero fear of judgement.

❗️Up-leveling your mindset to a place where it consistently disregards doubt and fear & instead, perseveres in POWER.

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