Sit at the Table

I think Sheryl Sandberg said it first. Whoever it was though, was right.

You’ve got to sit at the table.

How are you going to overcome playing small and shrinking back if you’re not willing to grow beyond your comfort zone?

We can’t, on one hand, tell God we’re ready for more and that we want to take the next step, and then find ourselves refusing the opportunities to do so when they’re presented to us. It just doesn’t make sense…

God will often send us what we want and need way before we realise it’s right in front of us... or within us already.

Yesterday, I went to a networking event for female leaders at Twitter. In-person events aren’t typically my thing as the introvert in me prefers being behind the laptop when I coach my clients and share my work.

But the introvert in me isn’t where I see myself and my business going as I continue to scale, so I got out of my own way.

I went on my own too.

And it was great… Of course it was. A room of powerhouse women ready to shake up the status quo. And I was truly one of them. Not some victim who felt as though I didn’t belong.

I was there.

I was present.

I sat at the table.

When Paul was on his mission (which, let’s face it, was pretty much the whole time) he made a conscious effort to be ALL IN no matter what that looked like – risks and all.

“…I did not shrink from declaring to you anything that was profitable, and teaching you in public and from house to house…” (Acts 20:20)

I’m sure that not everything which was ‘profitable’ to the people he taught was always the easiest thing to say and do. I’m sure there were lessons to learn and trials to face with every step but Paul’s concern was ‘mission accomplished’ as opposed to ‘how can I make this easier?’

Because the next level isn’t easy, right?

You know you need to step into it but you can literally FEEL the resistance rising and causing you to shrink back into second-guessing.

What would it look like to trust right now?

To trust that God is with you and for you and that if your life’s work is work which He has given you, He’ll give you all you need to do it?

Sometimes I think about what Paul’s response to us would be if he were living amongst us today, and not that it matters a huge deal what Paul would say, but for what it’s worth, I don’t think he’d be impressed.

He faced imprisonment and worse for sharing the message God had given him to share.

We face… at the very worst… people unsubscribing from our mailing list or unfollowing our page or perhaps even writing something scathing.

And that scares us.

We’ve got a GOD-GIVEN message on the inside of us. We’ve got purpose-work which we know is meant for so much more than hobby status hustle and yet we’re still not going all in because of fear of what someone else might think or self-sabotaging thoughts of ‘what if it fails?’

What if it doesn’t?

Have you allowed yourself to think on that and to dream on that for just a sec?

What if it doesn’t fail and people see your work as the truly transformational work it really is?

We can’t keep being ruled by everything and everyone else. If this business is ministry, it’s our life’s work and our message to the world then we honestly don’t have any other option but to emerge as the leaders we truly are and OWN IT, even if it means sitting at the table on your own.

The world is waiting for your work.



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