I’ve changed my mind.

Because although I used to say ‘anyone can do it’ and was referring to coaching, I’m retracting the statement.

After 6 years online at hobby status, I’ve been running my own business for just over a year now, which admittedly isn’t an age. But in this space, you’re in a good place if you’re continuing to grow and scale every single month after a year, as opposed to starting to miss the stability of a 9-5 and grappling for your next client – I’m more than grateful for what God has done and is doing.

But it’s the last few months which have caused me to retract the statement I used to make.

Sorry to burst the bubble but no, not everyone can do it…

Running a business is hard work and the person who’s ready to step into it must 100% be ready to give it their ALL.

All means showing up even when it feels as though no one is watching and CONTINUING to do so until somebody does.

All means doing the inner work which is going to set you up for the outer work daily.

All means being rigorously self-disciplined and not continuing to say ‘tomorrow’ when it comes to getting stuff done.

All means getting the help you need in order to make this work.

All means plan B not even being an option any more.

Lots of people read that list and on paper say “I’m in”. But the reality looks a little different, which is where I started to have my reservations…

Because yes, technically, anyone could throw together a sales page, call themselves a coach and start marketing as such. But I just don’t see how that’s worked and ever been successful (please correct me if I’m wrong here.)

What this is going to take is a PASSION.

A passion which runs deep and stirs something on the inside of you which says that even if you weren’t being paid, you’d be telling people this particular thing.

Because then you’re working from purpose.

And profit will follow purpose, not the other way around.

You can’t enter SUCH a person-centred profession like coaching if your main desire is simply to make a bit of extra money… I mean maybe you can, but I wouldn’t advise it.

You’ve got to have that message burning on the inside of you. You’ve got to be ready to share it with POWER and not stop until God tells you to.

You’ve got to do it afraid at first until it starts to become more natural and you wonder why you ever doubted.

You’re got to operate from a place of service and ALWAYS under promise and over deliver - not the other way around.

You’ve got want to DO THE WORK and not just make money from the work… because the money won’t be there if that’s the only driver.

You can’t enter this space as though it’s a network marketing company.

I don’t have anything against network marketing companies by the way. I think they can be a great way to make some extra money, especially if you believe in the brand. But (and again, correct me if I’m wrong) with network marketing you’re given a website, you’re given marketing materials, you’re given the product and then it’s down to you to make it work. Some do, some don’t.

In a service-based business like coaching (of any kind) I don’t believe that’s how it works. I don’t believe it’s a paint by numbers industry which means you follow the exact steps someone else before you did and expect it to work. Far from it.

I believe you can be provided with a blueprint, sure. But then it’s up to YOU to build from that.

With YOUR gifts.

With YOUR ideas.

With YOUR skill.

With YOUR talent.

With YOUR creativity.

This is not one size fits all.

This is you taking your gift and SHARING it.

This is about your God-given passion paving the way for you…

“A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.” (Proverbs 18:16)

Don’t entertain this work if all it means to you is ‘get rich quick’.

This is about pouring into people’s LIVES which means seeking profit first is never going to be the way to move forward.

Pursue passion, pursue purpose and then let your light shine!

The world is waiting for your work.



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