Tell everyone, tell noone

We’re all on a journey, right?

A journey of following the call on our life wholeheartedly. And as with any journey, this one also has many steps.

Some of those steps are milestones. Things we shout about right away, like your best month ever or your epic client wins.

Some of the other steps you take feel like milestones. But for one reason or another you’ve got to sit on those ones a while first before you share. You want to learn more, go further down that particular path, follow the footprints which have been left for you on the trail even. And then the sharing may well follow.

In his three short years of ministry, Jesus healed countless people and performed many other miracles besides. Sometimes He told the person involved to tell everyone else (whether just in words or sometimes just by showing up doing the thing they previously weren’t able to do – like walk , for example!)

We’re never really told why Jesus wanted some people to share the miracle and others not to but we do know that it was always part of a bigger plan. Everything Jesus ever did was.

And perhaps that’s the same for us. Sometimes, we stumble upon something, we feel something being birthed on the inside of us and we’re BEYOND excited. We stop at nothing to tell everyone and anyone. I’ve certainly had some of those moments in my business.

And then there’s other moments where things are pondered upon a little longer because we need to experience more, learn more, pray more or maybe a mixture of all of these things. I’ve got some big news coming up for my business. But I know I won’t be sharing it for at least another month. There are good reasons. Lots of prayer, preparation, learning, doing and everything in between…

But there definitely ARE some instances when holding back isn’t wise though. Whenever the idea to withdraw or refrain from sharing your message and your truth come up, you’ve got to ensure that it’s not because of one of these three things…

1.       Fear. Fear of failure or success or something else – it simply mustn’t rule you. Yes, what you’re considering is risky. But what ISN’T risky? Author Jen Sincero puts it like this… “But do not shrink back from something you desire because it’s too risky. Just being alive is risky.”

2.       People Pleasing. If you’re not (or if you are) doing something because someone else won’t approve and yet you KNOW it’s right, you’ve got to stop that in it’s tracks. You’ve got to be bold enough to share your message even when you’re shaking and even when not everyone is going to agree with you. That’s okay.

3.       Perfectionism. Often perfectionism can be a combination of the two elements listed above. We say ‘I’m not quite ready’ or ‘it’s not quite finished’ because we’re scared. Or perhaps we don’t press publish because we wonder ‘what will they think if that image isn’t quite right or if that font isn’t perfect?’ The answer is, it doesn’t matter. If you’re ready and you’re happy with it, run with it because done is so much better than perfect.

Sometimes you have things you need to hold back on. I get that. But before you do, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Because honestly…

The world is waiting for your work.



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