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It was a pretty regular first Friday of the month - our church were holding a half night of prayer like they usually do at that point in the month. The only thing which wasn’t so regular was the fact that I was there. (Hey, don’t judge me...)

Anyway, it’s a wonderful time of worship and prayer - and then one of the prayer requests is made and it just serves as confirmation yet again that what we’re doing as purpose-driven, heart-centred entrepreneurs is so desperately needed.

The topic? Resource and finance. We were asked to pray that both our church and the churches in the local area would be sufficiently financially resourced. Yes and amen.

It reminded me of an email I’d received earlier that week from the global charitable organisation of which I’m on the board of trustees - it was an invite to a mission innovation meeting. One of the requests on the invite? “Please feel free to invite other people who want to give to charity or are interested in this vision.”

Churches and charities don’t thrive on love and good will alone. It takes a lot to keep them running.

And yet, I see so many good-hearted women worrying about asking for the sale, generating large sums of income, or making more than they need.

What if it was SO MUCH bigger than only what you need?

What if a lot of the proceeds from your business considerably changed the lives and legacy of countless others? What if the call was actually to dream bigger and to desire more? For you, for your family, for your church or your favourite charity - and beyond.

I love to be able to freely give to church, charities, missionaries, as well as family every single month as a result of my business - but the truth is I’m only just getting started. I’ve got some big goals which are going to need teams, venues and resources, which means I need to be daily playing my part in building my business and making it happen.

This means asking for the sale. Without the sale you’ve got an expensive hobby on your hands, not a business. And so how about we step up and change not only ourselves, but our WORLD?

If you’re someone who’s done ALL the things, journaled to your hearts content, and shown up daily for weeks and months with results which aren’t reflected in your bank account - it’s time to do things differently!

...For your sake, and the sake of countless others.

Since starting my business almost 2 years ago, I have successfully:

  • Filled my 1:1 coaching twice (with 6 clients each time - I NEVER have that many 1:1 clients at a time anymore by the way!)
  • Surpassed my non-negotiable number of 30 women in my first ever e-course.
  • Made sales from a single blog post or live stream on repeat.
  • Continually enrolled amazing women into my membership academy.
  • Filled a group program twice before moving it to a self-study program.
  • Launched and sold a number of small programs e-books, workshops and more...

As I said, that’s just the beginning though. But to honest, success for me looks like my clients seeing success too - remember this isn’t a solo thing. It’s about creating a ripple effect. At least it is for me - community over competition all the way.

My clients in 1:1, group programs, intensive sessions and my academy have seen success in a number of areas (think mind-shifts, tv appearances, confidence to launch etc.) But seeing as today we’re talking about sales, here are some of their headlines...

  • Highest paid week of her life.
  • 3 clients within just a couple of months of working together after getting ready to shut down a 5-year-old business.
  • Sales in a brand-new program happening on automate whilst holidaying with her family.
  • New clients being booked with the promise of on-going work.
  • From 3, to 5-figure months in just a few months.

And those are just a few examples. Just last week I saw screen shots from my client of testimonials from HER client alongside thanking me for being a part of the process... ripple effect in full flow!

The work which I teach, works.

If hearing these results have served as more of a trigger than a cause for celebration, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we’d love to be celebrating YOU and the epic sales success you’re seeing.

Here’s a few key pointers to get you started:

1. Don’t assume that if you’ve pitched your offer once and no one immediately signed up, that no one ever will. These things can take time and so you’ve got to be a lot more visible than one email.

2. Remember that people buy stuff every single day. Buying is not alien to people. The key? Their purchases are based on need and want. If you ideal client or customer doesn’t need or want what you’re trying to sell them – that’s why they’re not buying.

3. Don’t over think and stress about it. Yes, a launch can take a bit of work – like writing the emails, doing the live streams, posting the posts or whatever else. But the honest truth is that the bigger deal you make about launching, the harder it’ll be to actually do it.

4. Fail forward. Not succeeding once doesn’t mean the whole launch has been a failure. Take the lessons you can from it – go again and grow some more.

5.      Keep your vision front and centre. No, YOU might not want to stop the Netflix binge right now. But rather than seeing things through that lense, ask yourself who’s on the other side of your aligned action and show up for them.

The world is waiting for your work.

Wanna go a bit deeper with the sales stuff? Step this way. This is for you…


Here’s what's covered in this powerful 4-part course:

  • Sales mindset so that your internal matches your external.
  • How to position your offer so that people start paying attention.
  • Pricing your offer in a way which feels good so that you're not undercharging and your clients show up for themsleves.
  • What to say and to who so that you're not shouting into the empty vacum of the internet.
  • How to set sales target effectively so that you've got something to aim for as you makes those sales.
  • Selling momentum so that you don't decide to give up every few days and confuse your audience.
  • The strength in upselling (for you and your client) so that you're continuing to make sales and continuing to serve.

To learn more, check out previous client’s results and SIGN UP, click the button below and jump straight into sales success today.

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