Back Yourself (My husband & Marie Forleo)

decision is everything

So I remember a time a few years ago when my husband was watching a YouTube clip which got my attention – but not in the way you’d expect. The woman speaking was talking about business, and I didn’t fully get it. You see, my husband has an education business, which I knew about of course- but I just thought it was a side hustle project and definitely not something he should be taking time out of his day to get tips about.

The woman’s name was Marie Forleo. I’d literally never heard of her before.

I wondered if my husband immersing himself in business development would change him, I questioned if business, in general, made a person less spiritual, and I always raised my eyebrows about how starting a business was something you could really make happen from scratch...

That is until I realised his resilience and started to truly admire his work ethic in it all. It was a case of ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’, and wanting to be a supportive wife, I found myself buying him a book a couple months later about developing a coaching business. Years later, he’s still running his business successfully alongside his full-time ministry role. (Not sure he ever read the book though...!)

I tell you this story to remind you that not everyone’s going to get you. Not everyone is going to understand the dreams you have, the investments you make, and the resilience you have in making this happen, no matter what.

Imagine if my uncertainty and scepticism had prevented James from continuing to make steps in his business.

Eventually, people will get you. Those nearest and dearest to you will start to understand the late nights and the determination you have. They won’t get it purely by you talking about it though. They’ll get it as you LIVE it out.

I used to be so cynical about coaches. I used to think it was this kind of weird, made up profession in which people overcharged. In fact, I used to be like a couple of the well-meaning friends I speak to now, who say things like ‘so what exactly do you do?’  Followed by ‘oh right, and how did you...train for that?’

The thing is, what I, and what they failed to realise is that everything which has happened in life thus far can become a training ground for what happens next. If that just so happens to be a business – go and make it happen.

Who is going to be better at going into schools, speaking to young people (especially those with behavioural difficulties) than my husband, who has a degree in youth and community work and was a youth worker in inner-city London for several years?

The next time that eyebrows are raised about why you’re doing what you’re doing, or questions are asked about what qualifies you to stand where you standing, remind yourself of the life you’ve lived thus far and the experiences which have led you to this very moment.

Because you are capable.

You are gifted.

Your work is what someone out there is waiting for.

Rejection or disapproval from one person, or even 10 people doesn’t take away from any of those things being true.

It’s time for you to start believing that though. I mean, I know you do deep down or even perhaps subconsciously – you look around at the stuff going on in the online space and you think to yourself ‘I could do that’. Dare I say, you think to yourself ‘I could do that better’.

You’re right.

Whatever it is that you’re thinking is accurate because do you know what?

Your decision is EVERYTHING.

So decide. Decide that you’re going to be the person you know you truly are underneath all of the layers. Decide that you’ve got what it takes, because you do.

But then act on it. After the decision comes the aligned action and the inability to accept ‘plan b’ as an option.

Do the work – inner and outer. Pray, journal, read, listen, get support, communicate with your audience, sell. Dream bigger and then work for that too. It’s totally all possible.

Before you think I’ve gone all ‘woo woo’ and look for the closest pin you can find to burst my bubble, let me be honest with you…

You already know I was THAT person – even to my own husband. I found business a bit of a weird concept and found 9-5 (hi 7 years in high school teaching) much more acceptable – much more normal.

But then, one thing led to another and 2 years later, I find business to be one of the things I’m most passionate about. Because I know what it can do for people. I know what it’s done for me. I know what it’s done for my clients.

The truth is, I’d be a pretty terrible coach if all I did was downplay the goals and dreams my clients have for their business success. So you better believe I’ve got them for myself too.

Back yourself.

Encourage YOURSELF in this calling even when no one else is. Remind yourself why you started and then keep on keeping on. Even during your most difficult day, the truth of the matter is, there would have been a time you prayed for this to be your reality. I mean think about it for a second…

In those moments where I have a severe case of writer’s block or something similar and I can’t think about what to share or how to say what I’m feeling, the very fact that THAT is my problem, is laughable.

I remember times of almost 2 hour commutes each way to and from my house on a sweaty train in the dark as I made my way to and from my 9-5 day in, and day out. I would have LAUGHED at the idea that my blog would form, develop and become something bigger.

But then I did the work and people started paying attention. Just like people do for you whenever you show up with something to say. If you’ve read this message and it resonates with you, know that there’s never been a better time for you to share your work with the world.

We’re waiting for it.

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