Pioneer with PURPOSE

Pioneer with purpose.

It’s the only way you’re going to let your truest light shine and release your most real work.

What she said, how he’s done it and what they launched is none of your concern. At least it shouldn’t be.

And yet there are 14 tabs open on your laptop as you try and scrabble together a bit of everyone as though the result will be your life’s work on a page.

You deserve to give yourself better.

A LOT better in fact.

You deserve to answer the cry of your heart and the call of your soul with action – aligned action.

That means sharing YOU even if it doesn’t look the same way it has for others.

You have your purpose and they have theirs.

The more distinct, unusual and obscure the call, the better – that just means there’s a gap for your work which you’re currently not occupying.

All the more reason to STEP UP then.

As ever, you’re never far from good Biblical company when it comes to these sorts of scenarios.

Not least with Jesus Himself leading this thing.

If there was anyone who knew pioneering with purpose it was Him – even when no one understood Him and He was humiliated for doing what He was appointed to do.

You’d be right if, when reading that you said to yourself “okay Naomi, but that was JESUS. Of course I’m going to do things a little differently.”

And you’d be right. Kind of.

But you and I both know about all of the other greats who pioneered with purpose. Even when it meant doing it alone.

Ordinary humans with extraordinary callings.

Perhaps you’re called to be another voice in the wilderness.

A voice which doesn’t sound like much and isn’t attached to someone who looks like much and yet because of Jesus, has SO MUCH to give, say, share & do.

This isn’t only about finding a business model which suits you. If that were what it was all about, why wouldn’t EVERYONE just quit working for somebody else and do it?

Pursuing your purpose sure SOUNDS a lot more exciting than a Christmas bonus and a company car.

“So where is everyone else?”  You wonder, as you’re out here riding solo with a laptop and a goal.

Well the thing is, this is not some ‘build a business in a box’ type of operation which you plug in and play. I mean, perhaps some people have previously seen it like that but then have found themselves going back to a ‘regular’ job because it ‘didn’t work’.

This is only going to work when YOU DO.

I know you know that. But I just want to double check. Because, you know, the 14 tabs thing.

Stop scratching the surface. The purpose is deeper than that. Much deeper.

What do you WANT to say?

How do you WANT to say it?

What are you here to DO and CREATE?

How and when are you going to DO and CREATE it?

If you can’t or don’t want to answer those questions right now, then as you were.

Because I’m only here to interrupt you if you KNOW what’s going on within and recognise it needs to be released somehow.

I’m only here to change things up for the one who’s ready to put purpose over a pension.

I’m speaking to the ones who tried the whole playing it safe thing and wound up miserable.

You know who you are.

I see you.

Keep on keeping on, lovely.

The world is waiting for your work.



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