THIS is your year...

If there’s one type of person I love it’s the GO GETTERS...

I’m sure you know the ones.

The fearless ones.

The ‘I’m in no matter what’ ones.

The ones like you.

You may have read that last sentence and hesitated. Ready to jump to your own defence with stories about how you’ve missed so many opportunities and wasted so much time...

I’m going to have to stop you there.

Because you’re still here, aren’t you?

There’s still SOMETHING on the inside of you which has you raising your hand when they ask where the risk takers are.

Where the way makers following THE Waymaker are hiding.

Except you’re over the whole hiding thing and you’re starting to SHOW UP. And so I want to be the first to say this...

I see you.

And if I see you it means that others are noticing too. They’re noticing the steps you’re taking in living out your dreams and following the call on your life.

So on those days where it all feels too much and you close the lid of your laptop AGAIN, just remember that it totally will all be worth it. 

Your only job is to stay in the game.

To stay when it’s hard.

To stay when you feel like no one cares about anything you’re sharing.

To stay when everyone else says you shouldn’t.

Because quitting isn’t an option you’re ready to accept. Not when you KNOW what God is doing within you every single time you make another stride towards your true purpose work.

That feeling isn’t to be ignored. That call on your life is to be ADDRESSED and not suppressed.

And so I’ve got to ask. If you were to address it FULLY, what would your next steps look like?

Because you can see the end of the year fast approaching and yet for some reason, you’re not intimidated.

You’re not where you want to be for the end of 2017 YET. But you see the two months stretched before you as an opportunity and not time to throw in the towel and ‘hope’ that 2018 is your year.

You said that last year and vowed that would be the last time.

This is where hope meets action.

So you’re taking what’s left of 2017 and making it count.

That’s exactly what one of my previous clients did last night and she’s inspired this whole post & a juicy offer I’ve got just for you (so trust me, you’ll want to read this until the end.)

She messaged me last night on Voxer and I smiled seeing her name and face again. I smiled even more when I listened to her voice note.

She mentioned that she was interested in working with me 1:1 again and whether I had anything available other than my 90-day program EMERGE (she went through 90 days with me earlier this year and this time, wanted a top up!)...

It was then that I realised I had an apology to make.

You see, I DID have a smaller 1:1 offer open before my mini website overhaul earlier this month, but I took it down to make way for EMERGE my newer 90-day offer...

And I didn’t tell anyone.


Which means I didn’t give anyone (including my amazing client who just re-signed) an opportunity to jump in before I closed the doors for good.

So for the rest of you who are about to jump into this amazing offer (I’m talking 2 months of coaching for the price of one amazing!) you have my client to thank for honouring her inner action taker.

Now you honour yours.

The world is waiting for your work.




🎉THIS is my year 🎉

Me + You working together for the final 8 weeks of the year to see your business SOARING and you ending 2017 like you always knew you would…  

November 1st - December 29th (and yes we’ll take Christmas & Boxing Day off 😂)

Ready to unleash your inner action taker and GET TO WORK?

Here's what you'll get...

  • An initial deep dive questionnaire so that I can hear out where you’re currently at in business and get all I need to prepare to support you as we move forward.

  • 2x 45-minute deep-dive strategy calls (one at the start of November and one at the start of December) where we'll unpack what you've shared with me in your questionnaire and set intentions for the first 4 weeks.
  • 2x 45-minute review & regroup calls (one at the end of November and one at the end of December) to assess how the month has gone and plan out what’s next.
  • DAILY Voxer support (a free walkie-talkie app) where you can share voice notes, documents, prayer requests, journal entries & photos every single day so that you’re no longer overwhelmed, and instead, you're clear on exactly what action you need be taking to move forward in your biz DAILY to finally get results. I’ll be checking in with journal prompts and my own personal suggestions & feedback daily.
  • Your own personal client folder with access to any of the videos, workbooks, cheat sheets + training in my resource vault which I know will support you during our 8 weeks (I'll even create new videos for you if you need something I've not got in the vault yet!)
  • Instant access to my 3 self-study mini trainings: ‘Pitch like a Pro’, ‘Write Right’ & ‘Schedule for Success’.
  • Instant access to my 21-day mini-course ‘Awaken’.
  • A complimentary copy of my 30-day, 100-page devotional e-book 'Feast' to enhance your personal devotional time during our 8 weeks together.

and here's what you'll actually get…

  • YOU writing an email to your list and seeing massive increase in click and open rates - people finally caring about what you're saying.
  • YOU sharing a course offer for the very first time and having people sign up and buy from you right away.
  •  YOU signing high-end private clients within weeks despite having a double-digit email list or group (or no group at all!)
  • YOU posting on social media and actually seeing real engagement.
  • YOU lifting your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours and finally walking in your worth and boldly living out the call on your life!

(These are all REAL results my clients have seen within 4 weeks or less! Imagine what we’ll do with 8!)


😲 Get two months of private coaching for the price of one!!! One time only. VERY limited places. 😲

£1199 ($1570) when you pay for the 8 weeks in full (Save 20%)!


£749 ($982) a month for two months

And of COURSE, I’m not going to leave it there...


Anyone who signs up in the next 24 hours gets my STOP STALLING Boot Camp (value £99/$130) totally FREE so that you’ll be launching your offer in no time… (literally some of the ladies who went through it live had started pre-launching their offers the same evening!)

...and if you’ve already gone through my STOP STALLING Boot Camp and some of the other bonuses included in THIS is my year, just drop me a message. I’ve got something special for you! (and if you're in my Mobilisation Mastermind, check out the post in the group.)

This program and this price point to work with me 1:1 won’t be available again.

Once you've made your payment, you'll be sent an email with further instructions, all of your bonuses and your questionnaire which I'll need answers for before we get started.

If you're ready to JUMP IN and secure one the limited spots, or if you've got a couple of questions you need to ask about THIS is my year first, jump over to Facebook and drop me a PM and I'll get you payment links and all the other information you might need.

Okay. 🙋🏽 So hands up who’s honouring their inner action taker. 🙋🏽

P.S. This really IS your year, lovely. You don't have to look defeated and 'hope 2018 will be better'. No WAY! Honour your inner action taker. THIS is your year. Work with me for the next 8 weeks and you'll see how right I am! Drop me a PM and secure your spot. Let's talk about it if you need to. But whatever you do, don't miss this opportunity. Limited number of spots available & bonus for signing up in the next 24 hours!!!

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