Are you still waiting for permission?

I’m so tired of seeing you sell yourself short.

Like, feeling as though because you’ve only been selling your products or services for a few months, you’re somehow not qualified?

I’m over it.

You’re acting as if you haven’t lived a huge life and had a vast array of experiences before now which contribute to what you’re doing and the way in which you're now showing up in the world?

I remember when I first started out in business and for those first few months I was so nervous. Almost as though I was waiting to be ‘found out’. Found out from what? I’m not sure.

Everything you’re telling yourself about you being ‘unqualified’ right now is just a story and it’s time to write a new chapter.

Before I became a business owner just over a year ago, I had been in ministry (preaching and teaching, women’s ministry, girls groups, youth ministry, worship team and more) for ten years and had been a High School Teacher for seven. Not to mention being in the online space as a blogger and vlogger for almost 6 years before I even started my business.

And yet with the wealth of experience I had in empowering women, my teaching qualification and my knowledge of what does & doesn’t work online, I STILL felt as though I wasn’t fully ‘qualified’ to do the work I’d started doing as a coach.

Such. A. Lie.

Here’s what’s true… You doing what everyone else is doing because it seems to be ‘the thing that works’ is not going to cut it.

That WILL make you feel unqualified. But I’m not here to be the bearer of bad news…

Here’s what you should be doing instead – OWNING YOU. Own every experience and ‘job’ you’ve had which is brought you to here. To this place. Because you’ve totally earned it.

I get the whole wanting to blend in thing though. I understand how it can seem like that’s the only way to make it even if that’s not the way you would choose.

That’s not how this goes. Not if you truly want to THRIVE.

I LOVE that I now get to show up as my best self. Mobilising women to use their God-given gifts, skills and talents by teaching them strategies, yes. But largely by supporting them in recognising WHOSE they are, WHY they’re here and HOW to make it work together for income & impact. This means Bible, business strategy, mindset and everything in between and I’ve got to say it feels wonderful.

My clients are more supported, energised and getting better results than ever. I’m more inspired to create content than I have been in ages and my results also show (watch this space for my new program. It’s going to blow your mind!) and it’s all because I’m doing ME and no one else.

But here’s the key to being able to do that…

Give yourself permission.

Allow yourself to recognise that the ‘crazy’ idea you’ve got is RIGHT even if it goes against what every other ‘guru’ is putting out there.

You’ve been intimately and intricately designed by a holy and perfect God who knows every hair on your head and breathed purpose into you before you even knew what purpose meant.

He goes before you. Give yourself permission to dream and then to DO.

If you’re still raising your eyebrows around whether or not this ‘do you boo’ message and life really is possible as you build YOUR business, I’ve got a free training coming up this Friday which you’re going to LOVE. It’s all about what it really takes to THRIVE online with your UNIQUE gifts, skills and talents. If you’re in, just click HERE and I’ll see you Friday.

The world is waiting for your work.

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