Black Friday?

Yep it’s Black Friday.

And don’t we know it?

Everyone’s talking about it. Whether they’re talking about not talking about it or they’re actively using it to share their amazing work, we definitely know about it.

Although what I’m offering you today is totally free, I guess I’m doing it too because now I’ve mentioned it too!

But that’s not the point of this message.

This is - #VulnerabilityAlert…


Every single day I speak to women about the fact that what is on the inside of them to share with the world is UNIQUE and world changing and quite frankly, we don’t know the half of it.

No one’s voice is the same. No one’s message is the same. No one’s skill set is the same.

It’s just a fact, right?

And so, why oh WHY might you ask, was I FREAKING OUT about Black Friday and thinking to myself that if I don’t put an offer out THEN, everyone who is about to jump into the epic program I launch next week would find a deal too good to miss and find themselves there instead?

Yep, I said it.

Scarcity mindset coming out in full force.

Like there aren’t enough people in the world to be in everyone’s programs, to receive from everyone’s services and to THRIVE.

It’s absolutely ridiculous really.

So no… I’m not going to change my schedule and my plans just because it’s Black Friday and everyone’s selling their epic stuff at amazing rates.

And I decided to share this with you today lovely, because I wonder if you’ve ever felt the same?

I wonder if you’ve ever said that there are “not enough clients.”

 Or even thought that “no one will pay me for this.”

Or maybe you’ve even gone down the route I took and decided that if you don’t do what everyone else is doing you’ll miss out on certain opportunities.

It’s all scarcity stuff talking.

Because there are over SEVEN BILLION people on the planet and over 51% of that population have internet access, with over 2 billion active users on Facebook alone.

So I’d say that the chances of someone wanting your product or service are pretty high.

And so yea, I did call time on that ridiculous way of thinking and instead, focus on what I’m meant to be doing which is mobilising you for Kingdom business. Because that’s what I’m called to do, it’s what I’m good at and it’s what I make a living doing.

I don’t normally talk about specific money results as you know, but I’ll share today because it highlights the point I’m trying to make. If I take last month, for example - when I do the maths it turns out I made over four times what I used to make in a month as a High School Teacher… In fact, I’ve never made less than 4 figure months in my business ever since I started over a year ago.

And there’s been no Black Friday Sale to ‘help me along’.

Because it’s never about ‘enough’. Ever.

Some people won’t want your thing. Some people will.

Some people will say that can’t afford it. Some people will find a way.

Some people will unsubscribe. Some people will read every word you write.

This is NOT about whether or not there is ENOUGH of anything though. Absolutely not.

There are enough clients.

There is enough money.

There is enough time.

Can we just remember who our hope and trust is in for a second?

Because last time I checked it was the God of the UNIVERSE. You know, the one who made heaven and earth and flung stars into space.

So no, I won’t be deceived into thinking that I don’t have enough of anything and neither should you be.

In fact, what you NEED to be doing is owning who you are and what WANT. Whether it’s a Black Friday sale you feel totally excited about, or taking the weekend off.

Some of my clients are doing both. One’s just launched an intensive program with an amazing 50% off over this cyber weekend and another just sent me a message saying she’s feeling great about everything and isn’t going to do any work until Monday now and can’t remember the last time she took a day off.

Both are right.

Because you’re right when you’re leaning into what God is calling YOU to do.

Yea. Obedience is always right.

So can we NOT with the scarcity mindset of ‘not enough’ for a sec and instead trust in our Almighty God of immeasurably more? (Yes, I’m talking to myself too.)

Fun example of how this pans out at every single level… Over the past two days, I’ve listened to two different trainings from two super successful (6 and 7 figure) entrepreneurs.

One (ironically, the one who makes less) adamantly taught that in NO circumstances whatsoever should you share what she calls ‘mini essays’ on Facebook (this whole post is one of them by the way – she’d be livid with me right now.) The other makes most of her entire seven figure living from the blogs she writes which lead into her offers…

So when I continually rant about this whole ‘there is no cookie cutter’ thing, I SERIOUSLY mean it. Copying someone else simply will not work.

And so I’ll land with this…

What are YOU called to do? How are YOU called to show up? What do YOU want to say?

If you don’t know yet, try asking God what He wants from you. What looks like obedience right now?

And if you’re still here reading – thank you. If you’ve scrolled right to the bottom because somewhere near the top I said the word ‘free’ – I see you. If a scarcity mindset has ever made you shift the way you do things, let me know. Let’s talk about it in the comments!

But if you ARE here for the freebie, I’m so ready to share…

Friday December 1st 2017 4pm UK | 11am Eastern | 8am Pacific


What it REALLY build a THRIVING online business with your UNIQUE gifts

In this free training you will learn…

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