Business is a marathon and not a sprint.

I’m pretty sure you know the drill by now.

Watch a free webinar, get super excited and make some form of declaration along the lines of THIS being the moment everything changes for you. The wild flurry of Facebook reactions which fly across the screen appear to indicate that those watching with you are in total agreement and that they too are ready to take the world by storm.

And then three days pass and you’re frantically searching for another webinar or another free thing which will give you that same buzz, same drive, same momentum. Because you can’t understand why you feel so flat on Thursday morning when on Monday evening you felt as though you were capable of anything.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. In fact, this is what I like to refer to as the business version of ‘camp hype’.

You see, I first discovered this camp hype phenomenon when I was a newly baptised teenager who had started to embark on summer camps each year with my youth group. The Holy Spirit would move during the weeks of camp of course. And so my friends and I would naturally be moved, and in so being, would find ourselves making hugely bold statements about how we were going to “evangelise to our whole class when we got home.” And how we were “going to read the Bible for at least an hour a day every day.”

We’d get home at the end of the week full of the joy of the Lord (and probably too much sugar.)

And SURE, we’d be slightly less reluctant about telling our classmates what we’d been doing with our summer holiday and YES we might have even slipped in a Bible study before school here and there. I mean, we even had an MSN messenger chat (anyone remember that?!) where we could connect with our new friends and ‘hold each other accountable.’

But then, you know… things just kind of fizzled out. The evangelising, the early morning study, even the MSN chats as ‘normal life’ resumed.

And of COURSE we weren’t to blame. I mean camp was like a bubble in a way and so OF COURSE there was ‘hype’. We had amazing leaders who brought the Bible to life for us in a way which made sense and we had EACH OTHER to talk it all through with and bounce off of.

The truth of the matter is that in business, camp hype still exists.

The buzz we feel when a business leader who’s further along is sharing her ‘top tips’ on her latest training and we, along with the others watching are all virtually high fiving each other and furiously typing ‘Go girl! You can totally do this’ to our virtual pals. (Hey, not judgement here – I’m SO guilty too!)

But then the free training finishes. After a couple of days of inspired action, we’re annoyed that no one has realised how fabulous we are and immediately read all of our work and decided to hire us. We forget how to do that thing the lady leading the webinar mentioned and no one else is around to ask and so you just kind of… stop trying so hard.

If there’s one thing I know, whether it’s Bible reading or business building, it’s that consistency is KEY. Without it you’ll either have peaks and troughs of ‘camp hype’ style work or you’ll only ever pop up when you’ve got something to sell and wonder why no one wants to buy from you even if during ‘launch season’ you’re doing #AllTheFreeThings.

That’s why, with my clients and program students, I teach ‘The Marathon Model’.

Although I can’t take all the credit because The Bible taught it first:

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…” (Hebrews 12:1)

Now don’t get me wrong, we still blend that with EXCITEMENT! (In fact, check out the snapshots from some of the BBTB ladies below – they’re saying this before we’ve even started!)

BBTB excitement.jpg

But I’m also about habit creating, consistency and building a brand and business which works for your LIFE.

That’s why, tomorrow, I’m hosting a bonus orientation training for my BBTB ladies and so if you’ve been on the fence about joining, now’s the time to jump off and jump in.

As well as answering your questions, I’ll be teaching on some key topics which come up when it comes to consistency in business building and beyond and why the work/rest balance is ESSENTIAL if you want to ensure success.

I knew I HAD to do this training before Christmas because I know that even though we feel as though we should ‘switch off’, we find it difficult to actually do it.

If you know you need this training, join BBTB HERE and get instant access to our private Facebook sisterhood where it’s being held tomorrow as well as all the bonuses already available to you (devotional e-books, my 9-module business foundations program ‘Clarity Class’ and my mini course ‘Awaken’ which we’re running LIVE in the sisterhood!)

You can also join me on my Facebook business page later today where I’ll be live streaming on the ‘camp hype’ model our businesses are falling into and the one simple thing I did to avoid it continuing back at the beginning of 2016.

The world is waiting for your work.

P.S. This season is best spent with your loved ones, not your laptop. If you’re still not sure how that’s possible and you’re SO over the ‘camp hype’ ups and downs you’ve been experiencing in your business this year, click the banner below and join us in BBTB and get in on our Marathon Model training!

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