Living for Likes


So as I’m scrolling through (and deleting most of) the emails, I got yesterday, I realised I was swiping left on one which had a subject line that I technically ‘should’ be interested in.

“Considering writing a book?”

I’m the process of writing a book which I’ll be self-publishing soon, and I’m co-authoring a book which is being published through a traditional publishing house next year. So you’d think a subject line like this would be pretty relevant, right?

Except it wasn’t at all. Wanna know why?

Because I didn’t KNOW who the person was who’d sent it to me. I imagine I’d signed up for one of their freebies in the past which meant I was on their list and aside from occasionally seeing her name pop into my inbox, I don’t know who she is.

So although I didn’t delete the email, I still haven’t read it.

Because the breaking news here is that fancy subject lines mean ZERO if you haven’t first built a foundation with your audience. A REAL foundation.

Have you ever looked at the hundreds and thousands of 'likes' certain people have on social media and fallen into the comparison trap wondering when it will be you?

Have you thought to yourself that when you just do ‘that’ things, you’ll be an overnight success?

Have you tried to copy the ‘gurus’ only to find yourself falling flat?

I've got good news – ‘likes’ can be deceiving! Being in the coaching industry, I know this first hand because I’ve seen & heard what can be taught to ‘get’ them if that’s the route you choose.

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Here's what else I know... Likes don't make anyone a living. The good news is that I know what does as I've done it despite NOT having a huge following, and I've helped my clients do the same.

If you’re someone who would prefer to choose apparent popularity over profit when it comes to you thinking about who you want to work with or even how you want your brand to be portrayed yourself – you’re making a mistake.

Those likes aren’t paying your light bill. #justsaying

If you’re here to make INCOME alongside that impact, I’ve got some good news.

My 8-week program ‘Called to Coach’ is not me giving you a bunch of information and leaving you to it (you’ve got a few of those courses already, right? How’s that working out for you?) Instead, it’s about me taking you through a step-by-step process, giving you action steps which hold you accountable and then opening up the floor for those moments when you still don’t get it.

Because I’m not interested in making money for the sake of it. I want to know that my work is actually making a difference because I know that when applied, it does. I’m pretty sure you can say the same.

If you’re done with seeking social media status and following ‘numbers’ like we’re in some high school popularity contest and instead want to see some REAL success in your business, it’s time to join ‘Called to Coach’.

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CALLED to Coach is a comprehensive 3-step process where you will receive instant access to all of the information required to get moving. The second step is the implementation where I will give action steps and set homework every week which I will also give personalised feedback on. The final step is the transformation. We’ll be having weekly coaching calls where you can ask questions, voice concerns and I’ll be there to remind you to stop playing small when I can see that that’s what’s going on.

Click the link below and join CALLED to Coach.

P.S. Keep your eyes on your inbox this coming Monday. I'll be sharing details on a training which is going to help you move forward in business and out of the comparison trap! If you already know that Called to Coach is the program you've been waiting for, it's time to jump in. You can even binge watch the videos over the weekend. Click the link below for details.

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