Naomi 0.5


Today I want to introduce you to ‘Naomi 0.5.’

I would call her Naomi 1.0, but I don’t even think she’d gotten quite there yet.

If you’re a bit confused about what on earth is going on – ‘Naomi 0.5’ is me.

And to be even more real, she was me only about two years ago.

Two years ago, I had zero business to speak of. I had a blog which barely anyone read, and a YouTube channel I’d occasionally throw devotionals onto.

The only thing I WAS sure about was the message I had on the inside of me and the desire I had to share it with people I was sure the Lord was pointing me to.

The problem?

I had zero clue how to go about getting it out there, and this caused procrastination, self-doubt and a lot of second-guessing.

After a full on job teaching High School for seven years, you’d think that after being laid off and going to work part-time for my church would be the green light. But if I’m being totally real, I filled up most of my ‘free time’ with coffee dates and Netflix. I still wasn’t ready to be serious about my business (and in truth, I wasn’t even calling it a business at the time!)

I dabbled in the occasional freebie, sure – and by occasional, I obviously mean signing up for approximately 13 webinars, checklists and e-books a day, hoping that within them was the answer I’d been waiting for…

I know I probably could have taken some time to actually analyse whether or not this really did have any benefits to me or not but desperation and a lack of understanding the truth that it takes money to make money left me stuck.

And let’s be real, money is one of those awkward things to talk about – especially in Christian circles, right?

But the more I saw these shiny online business owners with their shiny online programs, the more I knew that I could absolutely create something for people who were waiting to hear it from a slightly different angle – one which kept Jesus from and centre, but also didn’t shy away from topics like money, because why should we?

Spending money I didn’t have (I used a credit card to hire my first coach – I’m not saying that’s right, I’m saying that was my choice because I wasn’t willing to settle at being stuck any longer.) was a crazy step for me and I’m so thankful I took it and was supported by my husband to do so because as SOON as we started working together, I was pointed in the right direction with a few things and was off to a flying start.

You see, a Coach doesn’t ‘turn you into a business owner’ or ‘give you the answers’. A Coach speaks into the areas which are blind spots to you and points you in the direction you need to go with the work you ALREADY KNOW you’re capable of putting out into the world.

Which is why my books started selling, my courses started filling up and my program launches were hitting 5 figures within 4 months of ‘opening for business’. I don’t talk about that much but I think it’s important you understand what you’re capable of on the other side of a little guidance.

A lot of the work I now do in my high level mastermind and with my 1:1 clients when I’m taking them on (which I’m not currently) is about mindset shifts so that you can truly BE the person you’re called to be without letting limiting beliefs overshadow you with every next step you take and level you reach.

But recently I’ve been thinking about Naomi 0.5.

Sure, some of that stuff would have 100% served me at the beginning (when do we NOT need to be reminded to own the authority God has placed on our lives) but I also know how invaluable it was to get feedback when I was first identifying my ideal client, working out my packages and pricing and re-designing my website or tweaking my sales funnel, running my first webinar/challenge or even trying to go live on Facebook.
And that’s why I opened CALLED to Coach.

Because your God-given mission is to create, teach and coach, not to cave under the pressure of building a business.

Like I said, I got off the starting blocks pretty quickly once I was shown how. I want the same for you. I’m tired of God’s daughters feeling as though they can’t show up and serve the way they want to because they literally don’t know how/what to say/where to say it…


Let’s change that today.

If you want to go further, you have to dig deeper.

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HEY! I’m Naomi, Business Coach for High-Level Female Entrepreneurs & Founder of Living Word League. 

I coach, write, teach and run programs which infuse practical strategies with Biblical principles (which I personally think is the best rule of thumb for success.) I moved from a 7-year High School teaching career, to building and scaling my business after starting out as a hobby-status blogger in 2011. Within months, I was able to go totally full time and haven't looked back. My success, as someone who previously would have never seen myself as an entrepreneur means that I'm now beyond passionate about business being an expression of Kingdom-building here on earth. Hobby status and inconsistent feast to famine months aren't cutting it for you anymore right? You're meant for a business which has faith as your foundation AND soars with success. That's where I come in.

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