Daughter > Disciple > Doer (Holy Week 1)

To me, it sounded like a pretty ludicrous idea. However, I constantly endeavour to practice what I preach and me speaking about following the Holy Spirit more than you are the latest trends is absolutely something I aim to do myself too.

So this morning, as I had my time and space with God, I was surprised at where I was led… but also not surprised as the Holy Spirit has a habit of interrupting the status quo, right?

Technically I’m meant to be in the middle of my launch for ‘Called to Coach’ right now. A launch which is only actually 10 or 11 days long anyway. But this morning I sensed that I need to hold off this week and instead, to focus my attentions on Holy Week both in private and in public.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with marketing stuff and seeing things as ‘business as usual’ this week. In fact, Author, Pastor & Teacher John Piper talks about this better than I can…

“In one sense, there’s nothing special about “Holy Week.” Just another sequence of eight days each spring—nothing is intrinsically holy about this Sunday to Sunday that moves around the calendar each year. We have no mandate from Jesus or his apostles to mark these days for particular observance. Paul, for one, would be quite happy for us to partake, or not. “One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind” (Rom. 14:5). Clearly, the celebration should not be pressed upon the conscience of others. “Let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink, or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath” (Col. 2:16). Marking Holy Week is not an obligation, but it is an opportunity. It is a chance to walk with the church, throughout time and through the world, as she walks with her Bridegroom through the most important week in the history of the world. It is a chance to focus our minds on, and seek to intensify our affections for, the most important and timeless realities.” – John Piper

However, for me personally, I felt that I was being called not to talk about my program this week and instead to talk about The Lord. Doors for Called to Coach will re-open on Monday April 2nd and will be open for 72 hours only. If you were on the fence last week and want to jump in, be sure to join me when doors re-open next week.

Either way, I hope you’ll join me for some daily reflections this week

And so here we are. Technically day 2 of Holy Week (Palm Sunday yesterday was where it began, but as I said, I only knew I was doing this a couple of hours ago soooo…)

Today, I want us to call to mind the magnitude of what the Cross means.

It means we’re daughters (and sons!)

It means we’re chosen by Him to follow Him.

It means we have plans and purposes to walk out.

Sometimes, though, we get the order mixed up, don’t we?

We’re ready to DO what God has called us to do much quicker than we’re ready to sit as His feet because, you know? We’re busy, we’ve got a massive to do list and a window of time.

But just as I’ve been reflecting on over the past couple of days as I’ve been looking at the life of Saul – you can fall as quickly as you can rise if you don’t have your priorities straight.

Being called to pause isn’t a popular message – especially not with me. I WANT to do. I ENJOY doing.

But sometimes you can get so swept up in the doing that you can forget that you’re a daughter first.

Being a daughter means that your identity is found in Christ alone and not in your works or your achievements or your status. And it’s certainly not found in your list of social media followers.

Work is a BLESSING. But let’s remember it can sometimes be a distraction. A place where we build false idols and cling onto being identified by something never promised to call us ‘worthy’.

So today, ask yourself how much of your DOING stems from your identity as DAUGHTER.

Now don’t get me wrong, the doing part is of huge importance. Anyone who has read anything I’ve said for any length of time will know that I am completely against remaining in a state of ‘anointed’ without the appointed part.


That’s where that middle ‘D word’ comes in.


A called out one – called to FOLLOW in obedience to Christ, always.

Not to follow Him when it feels convenient or easy or it’s Sunday.

But to follow His commands in all things, always.

Following is an active thing of course. You can’t follow passively. But sometimes we can be active without the following part.

Is your doing shaped by what you’ve been CALLED to do? Or what you feel as though you WANT to do?

Today on this first (okay, second!) day of Holy Week, let’s remember that we are first chosen daughters of God, called to follow Him and then to walk in where He’s leading us.

See you tomorrow for day two.

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