Tired of coaches calling you out?

Tired of being ‘called out’ by coaches?

Me too.

Well… Not entirely. I 100% NEED to be called out where I’m playing small and hiding and I hope you do too – it’s the only way we’ll grow and stop buying into our tired same old stories.

So no, THAT’S not the sort of calling out I mean.

But I read another email this morning which just triggered me. The straw that broke the camel’s back if you will, because I KEEP reading and hearing this message and it’s time someone said something. 

me and james galvin.jpg

The picture of my husband is here in the spirit of all things valentines but largely because this post is kind of about him.

Because here’s the thing…

You writing an email to your list of subscribers making them feel like ‘little girls who need permission’ because they want to speak to their husband before handing you over several THOUSAND DOLLARS for your coaching program, isn’t washing with me.

Like, at all.

I’m not a little girl. I’m a successful business owner actually. I also happen to be married to a man I love and respect more than anyone on the planet. So if I want to discuss massive financial decisions with him, I will.

Now you might be reading this and thinking "Okay Naomi, calm down. Just don’t invest." And don’t worry, I had zero intention of working with this particular coach. 


The thought of women reading emails like that and feeling bad about themselves because of wanting to discuss big financial decisions with their nearest and dearest makes me angry.

It’s not a ‘good sales technique’. It’s manipulative.

And if that’s what you need to do to ‘make the sale’, I don’t know what to tell you.

As a Christian woman who works with other Christian women, I feel called to talk on this. Because when I have my clients on the phone in tears talking about the previous investments ‘they kept from their husbands’ I’m guessing it’s because they read emails like the one I read this morning.

Emails which challenge having conversations about money within what’s meant to be our most important earthly relationship are damaging and NOT the declarations of independence I suppose they’re supposed to be.

I don’t agree with wasting coach’s time and ‘hopping on the phone’ with them when you already know their rates and haven’t had the conversations with your husband FIRST. I mean when you get to the end of the call and they ask you if you want to sign up (you KNOW that’s coming, right?) then surely it makes sense to have spoken to your husband (if you have one) FIRST, discussing the fact that this is what you think you’re doing?

So I guess, THAT side of things I don’t blame coaches for writing about to a degree… Definitely don’t use "I need to speak to my husband first" as an excuse if you literally have zero intention of investing. That’s wrong too.
But the thought that a CONVERSATION doesn’t even need to be had when you’re talking about thousands of dollars is just plain wrong if you ask me.

What do you think?

Have you received emails like this in the past? How have you felt about them?

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HEY! I’m Naomi, Business Coach for High-Level Female Entrepreneurs & Founder of Living Word League. 

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