LOA? Manifestation? Where is YOUR 80%?

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We've heard it all before, right? Business success is all about the 80%. The mindset and the FOUNDATION behind the 20% which is comprised of all the strategy (you know - the funnels, the tech and all that other stuff)...So a couple of things...

1. Whyyyy do we get stuck on the strategy and presume that THAT is where success lies?!

2. If 80% of your success is rooted in your solid foundation and your mindset practices, where are YOURS rooted?

I went LIVE earlier on over on my Facebook business page talking about how a BIBLICAL worldview is essential when it comes to building your business as a Christian leader. 

NOT because you can't work with anyone who doesn't align with your worldview.

NOT because we're 'afraid' of what's out there in the world.

But ACTUALLY... because without practising some of the essential Biblical principles which are available to us, we're actually DENYING an aspect of the POWER given to us by God to walk in.  

To dive into this idea a little deeper by catching the live stream, click the image below!


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