In prison and still needed you to know...

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Calling is one of those words which has rattled me over the past few days.

Like, really rattled me.

It actually started a few weeks back without me realising it to be honest.

I was grappling with different ideas for what’s next with my business. I was presented with an opportunity which would have resulted in me earning more had I taken it - there was a lot for me to try and weigh up.

Although it was exciting, I felt an unrest which I can’t really explain. So I took some time off during Holy Week to gain perspective... midway through a launch. And then last week WHILE a launch was actually happening, I only did one live stream which is pretty unlike me whether I’m selling something or not.

But I gave myself permission to be what it was because if there’s one thing I know and will hold to in my business, it’s that if I’m not all in with a post, an idea, a program, a topic, I’m not doing it.

This business didn’t start with me pushing my own agenda ahead of the Holy Spirit and just asking God to give me the okay as I did my own thing. I started because of CALLING.

And towards the end of last week after a few weeks on unrest and quite frankly, me not showing up in the way I know I’m CALLED to, something clicked.

"Come back to calling."

That’s the ENTIRE thing. I have so much to say on this and will be sharing here, in my group, on my page and anywhere else you’ll find me because I’m CONVINCED more than ever that the ‘one size fits all’ copy cat approach which people are trying to bring to business is the same reason that SO MANY of God’s sons and daughters are shrugging and figuring that this must not be for them.

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From the moment I read this verse in Ephesians, I was stunned into surrender. Here, Paul is in prison and from his CHAINS, he’s reminding the church to work and walk out the reason for which they exist.


In the Greek, this word ‘called’ is largely used to describe the divine calling we have to embrace God’s salvation. And yet in this instance, it describes vocation. (If you head to the good old KJV translation that’s the word you’ll find.)

Paul was imprisoned at this point, he was shipwrecked on another occasion, mocked and abused countless times. And yet he knew unreservedly that he wasn’t going to quit. Because this was SO MUCH bigger than him feeling good about his life (although he did sometimes - see Philippians 4:12) This was about CALLING.

His concern went beyond himself as well - there was something in him which led him to understand that if everyone just GOT this whole idea of walking out what they were called to no matter what, things would look very different.

Well, Paul, I hear you loud and clear.

I’m so thankful for God’s word, for the clarity it provides and the guidance it gives. After what’s been a strangely uncertain few weeks, I can say with certainty that I KNOW why I’m here & what I’m called to do and my commitment is ensuring that my clients, program members, followers and viewers know what this is for them too. Mission accepted. Let’s do this!

Fun fact…

Ever since things started at the end of 2016, I’ve gone against the grain when it comes to how I run my business. I’ve tried to do the whole ‘launch schedule’ thing and I also tried to do the ‘one blog or email a week’ thing which people teach. None of it really works for me.

Because calling.

My hobby status business (literally a following of 30 people in September 2016) slowly shifted into me working within it part-time alongside working on my church staff team and then me going full time (May 2017) The reason things kept moving forward and I started having five-figure launches (alongside being CALLED to keep going) can be summed up in one word…


Now before you shudder at the thought of a three-part video series or an elaborate funnel, remember the whole thing I said about non-conventional?

That’s the way my launches happen too. And the truth of the matter is, when you’re CALLED to your work, that’s really how launches should work.

Now don’t hear what I’m not saying. There IS work to be done, but it’s the right kind of work which leads to launching successfully... Launching which works for YOU.

No time like the PRESENT.

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HEY! I’m Naomi, Business Coach for High-Level Female Entrepreneurs & Founder of Living Word League. 

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