#3. Messaging

3A. Right Write Video Training

In this 50 minute video tutorial, you'll be given practical tips which will help you write words with meaning and purpose which will help you to communicate your message effortlessly every single time you show up with your words.

Click below to play.


3B. Copy Cheat Sheet

Dive into these tips in further detail by clicking on the iPad's below for access to your downloadable messaging cheat sheet.


3C. Blogging

A great way to share your message is through the use of blogging. Use these two downloads to get started with blogging and to build your business using blogging as a powerful tool to do so.

Click on the iPad's to download your blogging guides.


3D. The Anatomy of Storytelling - Storytelling for Business

In this exclusive 30 minute video training, my husband - Community Minister & Award Winning Speaker & Consultant for Schools & Startups, James Aidoo breaks down the key components to enhance your business with the powerful method of storytelling.