Urgency & Scarcity

What if the only urgency and scarcity you needed was your own?

I run an online business and so, of course, I understand ‘cart closing now’ language and I use it sometimes. But, like I said in yesterday’s message, sometimes (most of the time) the most powerful choice which can be made is the one YOU make.

The one you truly make – the one in which you’re basically calling time on your excuses. THAT is the only urgency you really need. I get it, though. Humans don’t often work like that.

We want to know how to get the best deal and when.

We want to know if we can get the same thing cheaper somewhere else.

We want to know if we can find a reason NOT to take the leap today.

That’s why the most abandoned page of a website is the checkout. We know we want it. We understand why it’s a good decision (whether it’s a new pair of shoes or a book on personal development) but there’s something which stops us from crossing the finish line, so to speak and so we press the ‘X’ with a notion of ‘maybe tomorrow’.

Guaranteed, if someone decided to say “the price is doubling tomorrow”, you’d find a way to make it work today.

It’s like God wants me to write about decisions and choices this week – like He’s prompting me to remind people that tomorrow isn’t promised and that TODAY we have the opportunity to live the life to the full which Jesus promises us in His word.

I am certainly guilty of ‘tomorrow’ talk. I’ve often been known to say that when X happens, I’ll do Y. I’m slowly starting to recognise that if I want Y to happen or I’m being called to make Y happen, then I better do it even with X present because if we’re waiting for that X to pass before making something happen, we’ll find ourselves bitterly disappointed when another one is following in its footsteps.

No. This is your life NOW. Your one life.

Haven’t you spent enough time waiting? Enough time relying on your excuses to carry you into tomorrow, only to make the exact same ones again?

If you know that God is prompting and stirring you to step in the direction of your dreams –whether that’s by buying the book, the course, or even the shoes (!)… DO IT!  

Because #truthtime, you truly need to be more urgent about the stirring of the Holy Spirit moving you into action than you do about someone telling you that the cart closes tomorrow. Can we, hand on heart, say that we are? Are we more compelled by the urgency of man than we are that of God?

He is calling us to action.

He is calling us to step up and step into who we are.

He is calling us to be His ambassadors in every sphere, in every nation.

And until that is what stirs and compels us most, we’ll still be stuck here waiting for some kind of Black Friday sale to move us into action.

If you want to re-ignite the call on your life (or perhaps ignite it for the very first time) and you’re waiting for someone to tell you that time is running out before you take the leap, you don’t need to wait anymore because it’s already been said…

 Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit”— yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” (James 4:13-14)



Want a program which will kick you into gear and move you into action? Join Awaken, my 21-day self-study program. The cart isn’t closing and I’m not about to raise or lower the price – sometimes I do that but today, I’m not. Because truly, this just comes down to whether or not you’re ready to do what you’ve been saying you want to do. It’s not about waiting for ‘X’ to be over only to find that there’s another one right behind it. So, let’s do this!

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