God is CALLING His daughters. Are you listening?


I recently went LIVE with some teaching from Ephesians 3. It was all about spiritual strength and even as I prepared the notes I recognised that this passage SO needed to be explored further.

Have you had moments where the Word hits you like that? Where you know that this is a Word in SEASON.

I believe that to be true of Ephesians 3:14-21.

Make some space today to carve some time out for this important passage. I believe God is calling His daughters to go deeper with Him, to know Him more and to truly experience His fullness, just like we’ve been promised.

During the live stream, I broke down 4 key principles I took from the passage and I want to address them here too.

1. In order to experience the fullness of God, we must be rooted and grounded in Him.

It’s hard to stay focused in a world which moves 100 miles per hour. No one is questioning that. However, as daughters of God, we have a divine opportunity to rest in His presence no matter WHAT external circumstances look like. How powerful is that? The passage goes further with this point and states that we won’t have the capacity to even GRASP the fullness of God without this firm foundation of being rooted and grounded first being in place. Take some time today to reflect on what this means for you.

2. In order to experience the fullness of God, we need to stop boxing Him in.

We’re a culture obsessed with the ‘how?’ questions. We always want to know the outcome before we take the risk. Our brains are WIRED to be risk averse and so that makes sense. But when it comes to God, we’ve got a pretty good (like, eternal) insurance policy. Let’s stop boxing Him in and asking HOW on earth the thing He’s called us to is going to get done. How about we just trust Him instead?

3. In order to experience the fullness of God, we need to come before Him READY to receive all that He so graciously longs to give us.

This point asks us to consider whether we’ve allowed ourselves to become spiritually complacent. Have we become so used to our regular rhythm of faith that the idea of MORE of God doesn’t actually sound great to you? Are you going through the motions without expectancy as opposed to crying out to Him for more? Instead, it’s time to get READY for all He so longs to do in and through you.

4. In order to experience the fullness of God, we must understand that we are SAFE to thrive & the glory belongs to God.

The message in verse 20 is a powerful one – we’re told that we will be able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that we can ask think and imagine according to the power at work within US. That can feel daunting. But what is you chose to see yourself as a VESSEL as opposed to a performer? Immediately the pressure’s off, right? We’re SAFE to thrive because it’s GOD who gets the glory anyway. 

It’s all power-packed truth, I know. And truly, I believe we’re just scratching the surface.

To go deeper with this message, I’d encourage you to watch the video HERE and come armed with your notebook and Bible.

But that’s not all – because God has laid afresh on my heart the importance of the Word for His daughters, I’ve created a FREE 5-day challenge which starts in 2 hours! (If you’ve already signed up, you’ll shortly be receiving your worksheet which you can print off & look over before I go live each day – watch out for that email.) 

Doomed to Destined is a 5-day challenge which explores the life of Joseph. Together (starting today!) we’ll be diving into his story over the course of 5 days and pulling out the lessons from his life, which we can apply to our own.

Each day, we will be:

Addressing the obstacles you might be facing in life which are causing you to be stuck at a standstill (taking a lead from Joseph and looking at how he moved passed this area).

Acknowledging how you can overcome these obstacles so that you can walk in purpose and power no matter what.

Activating a new narrative and ditch the stories which are leaving you feeling doomed so that instead, you can walk in what is destined for your life. You’ll have an action step each day!

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Because lovely you KNOW that passage about spiritual strength and the fullness of God is for you!.

You KNOW that it’s time to dive deeper and to let go of all of the hindrances and heavy weights holding you back.

Today’s the day.

Click the button below to join the challenge and I’ll see you there very soon!

The world is waiting for your work.

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