Did you know it’s MEANT to feel like that?

Did you know it’s meant to feel like that?

Because I know exactly what’s going on for you right now. This isn’t just ‘make a couple extra pounds or dollars online’ work.

This is your life’s work.

And the weight of it all is overwhelming you right now.

Not because you don’t think it’s possible. It’s not that at all. The scary thing is you can’t see it all right now. The dotted ‘I’s and the crossed ‘T’s, I mean. But you can see IT. The growing, the shaping, the expansion. The work you’ve been waiting to put into the world becoming a reality.

And if you’re being real, it’s that which scares you most. The fact that the call on your life is ringing more loudly in your ears than it used to.

You’ve always known you were made for more. But it’s closer now. Dangerously close.

Did you know it’s meant to feel like that?

Do you recall what happened when Isaiah was commissioned to walk in the call on HIS life?

Read Isaiah 6:1-7

Before the “Here I am! Send me” of verse 8, there’s shaking of foundations, there’s smoke, there’s realising and repenting of sin, there’s atonement.

And then there’s the voice of God and a question.

“Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”

Are you hearing something similar right now? That whisper? That still, small voice which is commanding you to take the leap even though the shaking, the smoke and the recognition of how small you are amidst something so big is ever present?

Did you know it’s meant to feel like that?

This was never meant to be some ‘that might be a nice idea’ exploit for you. Because nice ideas and ‘flash in the pans’ don’t have staying power and somehow, you’re still here.

So now you’ve got to ask yourself why. You’ve got to have some real, honest conversation with yourself and discover why you haven’t backed down even though there’s shaking, smoke (figuratively speaking) and your ever-present sin, and it all just feels a bit much most days.

Because God is asking the same questions of us today, you know.

Who will go?

Who will show up?

Who will have the staying power even when it’s tough?

Who is going to take the risks?

Who is going to make the sacrifices?

I, for one am here. Shaking. Shaking, with my hand up saying “Here am I! Send me.”

And so are you.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be reading. You wouldn’t still be doing. You’d be in ‘nice idea’ or ‘one- day’ territory playing it safe with something else. And no one would blame you for that because it’s not like shaking, smoke and daily coming face to face with your humanness is an easy call. But it’s one you know you have to answer.

There is no plan b.

So, what does God say?

“Go, and say to this people…”

Isaiah had a message to share. A divine download of truth which he’d been given to go with.

So do you. If you’re still here with the shaking, the smoke, the sin and everything else it comes with, it means you too have been called to “go.”

So, go!

Share your message even when you’re shaking.

Because did you know it’s meant to feel like that?



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