It's time to re-ignite. Because the truth is, you were bought with a price and made for a purpose...

But what does that even mean?

  • It means that if you're living and breathing, you're here for a reason.

  • It means that your specific gifts, skills and talents (and yes, you have them!) are there to be used.

  • It means there's more on the inside of you than you ever believed possible and much more than you've ever tapped into.

  • It means that sitting on the sidelines when God's reserved you a front row seat (it is YOUR life, after all) isn't cutting it anymore.

  • It means that the disappointment you feel at your present circumstances isn’t supposed to be ignored, even if it makes you feel guilty because you know you should be 'grateful' for what you've got.


Because let me guess...

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  • You're in a less than satisfying 9-5 or part time job and can't help but feel you’re somehow not totally fulfilling what God has put you here to do.

  • Every time you open up Facebook, you see the success and scaling of yet another person who is ‘chasing their dream’s and ‘building their business’, something within you stirs and you sense that you could (and probably should) be doing the same.

  • You've started a business, but if you're being honest, some days you feel as though it's more like an expensive hobby.

  • People are always telling you about that ‘thing’ you should do, but every time you even think about it, let alone act upon it, you feel resistance set in like never before.

  • You find it way easier to believe in the potential of those around you than you do the potential in yourself.


How would it feel to…

  • Unlock some of the blocks you continually come up against, which are preventing you from moving your life to the next level so that you can truly start understanding what it would look like to live life on your terms?

  • Recognise the call on your life and be equipped to begin to walk in it so that you can say ‘see ya’ to whatever’s not serving your purpose?

  • Understand what God says about all things business, ambition and dreams so that you’re not stuck in ‘sleazy’ or ‘guilt’ mode whenever you think about it?

  •  Stop making apologies for desiring to generate income for yourself and your family doing something you love so that you go out and make the impact you were created for?

  • Make time and space to mobilise your mission so that ‘one day’ becomes TODAY?



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"Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God."

- 2 Corinthians 5:20


Lovely, it’s time to…

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The call on your life and the cry of your heart is not meant to be suppressed.

It’s there to be ADDRESSED.

I’m talking that deep down SOUL call.

The one you were born for.

The one which every experience you’ve lived through so far has contributed to.

The one which will shape your life’s work.

Because your LIFE’S WORK is the work you need to be making space for and the other stuff is drowning it out right now.

The other stuff like…

  • The striving.

  • The ‘that life is for other people’ thoughts.

  • The discontent at your present circumstances.

  • The self-sabotage which stops you in your tracks every. single. time.

  • The putting yourself and your goals at the bottom of your list… again.


Lovely, it's time to...

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Awaken is a 21 day program which will enable you to mobilise your heart and mind to align itself with your SOUL call.

The one God’s prompting you to walk in.

Awaken is a self-study program with daily action steps, which will support you in dropping the doubt, excuses and self-sabotage and instead OWNING who and whose you are so that you can start walking in it.



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What will happen on Awaken?

Together we'll dive deep in what it is you actually want to be doing with your life.

Because for too long you've decided that the answer to that question doesn't matter...

And how's that served you so far?

We'll be making shifts in your thought patterns and addressing the false beliefs and blocks you're holding onto. The beliefs which are keeping you stuck at satisfactory instead of soaring.

We'll be working on...

  • Looking at your purpose-driven vision (even if you've barely spoken about it before).

  • Discovering your life's work.

  • Mastering your mindset.

  • Overcoming perfectionism and procrastination.

  • Building your confidence. 

  • Letting go of fear and anxiety.

  • A theology of work (because it's not supposed to be painstakingly hard, by the way)

  • Dropping the doubt.

  • Your money mindset.

  • Ending the constant need you have to satisfy everyone else desires but your own.

  • Owning your God-given authority.

  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

And so much more...

You'll mentally step into your God-given calling.

You'll finally believe that it's possible.

You'll be equipped with the power to own it.

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And there's more...

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By signing up for Awaken, you get two courses in one because I'm THAT passionate about you addressing the call on your life WAY more fully than you have been. No more winging it or playing small. You haven't got time for that. Instead,consistent, inspired action and these bonuses are going to support that journey even further.

Packed with a workbook, 10 downloadable interactive worksheets and two value packed audio trainings, this bonus is valued at £49.99 and is currently ONLY available to my private clients and monthly mastermind members. However, when you download Awaken today, you get instant access to all of it TOTALLY FREE.


How does Awaken work?

When you sign up via the button below, you'll be redirected to a PayPal payment page. Once you’ve made your investment, you’ll be sent an email within minutes which will give you the information you need to log in to your private page which features each video training and daily work.

On your private page, you'll also have instant access to the bonus content. 



 Who is Awaken for?

  • The woman who wants a Christ-centered safe space to work through her blocks as she begins/continues to Awaken.

  • The woman who believes she is called to more than her present circumstances even if she hasn't quite established what that looks like yet.

  • The woman who is desperate for change but can't seem to push past the resistance she's facing in order to make it.

  • The 'hobbypreneur' who has dipped in and out of Awakening her calling but is tired of 'trial and error' and wants to get to the root of what's not working so that she can serve those she is called to more effectively.

  • The entrepreneur who is in desperate need of a mindset shift so that she can scale her business and/or pursue her calling in order to see the success she is seeking.

  • The entrepreneur who may have done some of this type of work before but knows she needs a reboot.

  • The woman who is strung out out strategy and needs to reconnect with God, her soul's call and her 'why'.

  • The dreamer who wants to be a doer and is ready to make 'one day' today.


Who is Awaken not for?

  • The woman who rolls her eyes at mindset work and believes that success lies solely in strategy.

  • The woman who isn't willing to do any work in order to see the results she's been praying for.

  • The woman who doesn't believe that God is the centre of all things and is isn't comfortable with prayer and Bible study.

  • The woman who would prefer to remain in her comfort zone rather than take a leap of faith to change everything.

  • The woman who wants to continue to make excuses as opposed to decisions which will support her.


Who am I?

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I'm Naomi Aidoo, Christian Business Coach for Purpose-Driven Female Entrepreneurs, Founder of Living Word League and the creator of Awaken plus a number of other online programs.

I was a High School Teacher for seven years and a part-time employee at my church for two years after that. Throughout most of that time I had a hobby status blog but never believed it could be anything more than that.

When I took action on behalf of the calling on the inside of me, literally everything changed.

As a full time business owner, I now mobilise women for Kingdom Business knowing 100% what's possible for them. 


Just listen to the internal shifts my client, leila made in such a short space of time...

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When you're ready and willing to get vulnerable, brave and honest with your life's work, everything can change.


If you're not where you want to be right now and something is stirring in you, calling you to lean in and trust for more - listen to it.

If you're prone to procrastination in the form of excuse making and 'tomorrow' talk, change that today - and by clicking below, get prepared to change that forever.

If God has said go, the rest truly starts and stops with you.


So, what do you say? Are you ready to...

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(lifetime access to the program and all of the bonuses)