Are you REALLY dropping the 'how?'...

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We really are a funny species, aren’t we? This simultaneous desire for both control AND freedom, this need to know ‘how?’, ‘what?’ and ‘when?’ paired with feeling bound by too much structure.

You know what I think? I think it’s a faith thing.

You know those days when God is wanting to speak to you and will make a way via ANYTHING... even if that just so happens to be your own content?

Today’s daily devotional over on my podcast is all about the life of Ruth and something struck me.

Her devotion to her CAUSE (following her mother-in-law and caring for her no matter what) outweighed the COST.

The secret? She genuinely trusted that her following her mother-in-law was the best thing for her. God's will for her even. That was it.

There was no ‘strategy’ behind it. There was no ‘if you go for X, it will result in Y’. 
It was simple faith & trust.

There’s so much was can learn from Ruth’s life. So much we can learn about faith, obedience and trust. 

I went live to share a little more about it. Watch it by clicking the image below.


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