THIS is what purpose in pole position looks like...

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The funny thing about words is that the more I write them, the more I need to write them.

I spent most of yesterday quietly reading and typing away in my home office alongside my husband who’s about to finish his dissertation after 3 years at Bible college and is constantly INSISTING on shutting the blinds tight in order not to be distracted by the sunshine…for real.

Anyway – I was writing up the message I’m sharing at church on Sunday and it’s all about forgiveness. Jesus’ forgiveness and our forgiveness.

And I was shocked to my core - so naturally had to write about it in a ‘non-official’ type way in order to process. Glad you could join me. (Yep, I start my talk notes using felt-tip annotation first before I hit the laptop #nojudgementplease)

Because, seriously - as an isolated event, the cross is astounding.

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Not because of the amazing demonstration of God’s love and what it means for us.

It’s astounding because Jesus died.

And yes, we know the end of the story and that darkness only has a minute before victory has the final say. But that’s not what happens first.

Abandoned by everyone – abandoned by His own Father it even appeared.

Because purpose took pole position. Not pride, not popularity & not people pleasing.

A counter-cultural and confusing message we can so often quickly cover up with positive affirmations and key verses which just kind of get to the ‘good part’. (Hey, no shade. Me too.)

But if we’re looking for an example to follow so that we can actually walk out our purpose rather than just dreaming about it or being half-hearted, we don’t need to look any further than the Word itself.

"For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin." (Hebrews 4:15)

His death and resurrection so that we might live is everything.

But is it ACTUALLY everything as far as you’re concerned?

Are we taking a couple of minutes (/a lifetime) to just stand in awe, amazement and thanksgiving?

Or are we like the ones at the cross dividing up the clothes, ready for the gifts having TOTALLY lost focus of the Giver?

Preparing this message has been such a welcomed reminder that, actually, we must never allow ourselves to be desensitised to what happened on that day. This isn’t just a Good Friday story. It’s a story which changes every story written ever since.

We have unlimited access to allow this earth-shattering story to change our lives and cause us to live them differently every single day as we open His Word and walk it out.

And THIS is why I’m so passionate about my member’s community - Living Word League. Because it’s already filling with incredibly passionate women of God seeking to stay amazed in word and in deed.

I totally get that a message about, well… most other things, would come across as more ‘exciting’, ‘desirable’, more ‘digestible’ even.

But I’m not here to win a popularity contest. I’m here to ensure that this message He’s given me to share is HEARD.

Are you listening?

Are you ready to go deeper? Learn more? Allow the Word to be a springboard into what’s next? Surround yourself with like-minded women doing the same?

Look no further than Living Word League. Seriously. Click the button below to learn more and join us.


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