"Be strong and courageous..."

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Yesterday when I was on a call with a client, I was sharing a few insights from Hebrews 11 and Abraham going to a land he was promised even though he had no idea where he was going. After that, I asked her the following:

"What does obedience look like for you right now?"

Now, before answering, she told me it was a weird question.

Yes. Definitely a weird question. But ALSO one I'm asking you today.

Because if there's something I know for sure it's this... You've been created and called for a purpose.

And what are you doing to walk towards it?

I'm on Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise all this week as their 'Thought of the Day' and yesterday's message was me reflecting on the call Joshua had (see Joshua 1:9). I'm making some pretty bold and courageous moves in my life right about now (more below) because THAT is what obedience looks like for me right now.

How about you? 

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Waiting for the newwwwsssss?...


Eeeeeek! It’s arrived and the main program to stem from it is my monthly membership which is all about studying, discussing, and then LIVING OUT The Word of God. It’s the first time that The Word hasn’t been ‘attached’ to one of my offerings.

The Bible is front and centre with Living Word League’s membership and I couldn’t be more honoured to be bringing it to you.

Founder’s rate is now available for those of you who want to be the ‘founding founders’ and jump in before the first study drops next week.

I’m going LIVE in the private community TOMORROW to share a bonus study about being SALT AND LIGHT in our world which desperately needs to hear HOPE instead of DESPAIR. And no - it doesn't have to be weird and preachy. But yes, we all need be doing it in our own unique way.

To learn more about Living Word League, just click below: 

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HEY! I’m Naomi, Founder of Living Word League. Along with my blog and my podcast, Living Word League is home to a monthly membership community that provides interactive Bible studies which practically unpack the Word of God with conversation and content, so that Christian women can boldly walk out the calling on their lives to the full whilst keeping the main thing, the main thing. Also over at Living Word League, you’ll find self-study programs created to support you in owning your God-given identity and walking out your purpose alongside ‘Biblical Business Academy’, my hub of business building programs, courses and live coaching support for faith-focused female leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to start, build, scale and grow their online businesses.

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