International Women's Day For The Underdog

At the time of writing this post, it’s International Women’s day. I’m sure you’ve heard.

And I’m sitting here wondering what that means to you.

Today is all about women being empowered, bold and strong. It’s about women being courageous and powerful, triumphant and brave.

And I’m sitting here wondering if you feel those things today. I’m sitting here wondering if there’s a part of you which actually feels a little scared, vulnerable, lonely, rejected and uncertain about your life, your business and your future.

I’m sitting here wondering if you feel a bit like the ‘underdog’ today. Not so much like the bold and confident pictures which have filled your Instagram feed all day. But I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I’ve always been a fan of the underdog. Hey, I’ve been that underdog. I wonder if you know the type I mean?

The one who’s not the quickest to grab the spotlight… but behind the scenes? You better believe they’re working hard to make things happen.

I believe the underdog deserves to be championed in all arenas.

If you’ve been a Christian for more than a week, I’m pretty sure you’ll have heard about ‘The Proverbs 31 woman’, Esther and Ruth, right?

But what about Hagar? Tamar? What about Sheerah?

If you're anything like me, you might be inclined to skip over long lists of names in The Bible in order to get to the 'juicy' stuff.

One day though, I was struck by one tiny verse which switched things up!


There, in a list predominantly filled with names of men, was a daughter.

This wasn't just any daughter. This is a daughter who built THREE cities.

SHEERAH INSPIRED ME, AND SHE INSPIRED my business coaching programmes. She even inspired the name of my facebook group! I hope she inspires you too.


I want to inspire a generation of daughters who build. Daughters who build up one another, build up their businesses and MOST IMPORTANTLY, build up the Kingdom of God!

Feel like the underdog?

I’m sure Sheerah did too. She’s not mentioned anywhere else in the Bible except this tiny verse. However…she built THREE cities and now, thousands of years later, we’re reading about her!

So, lovely… What are you building today? What God-given dreams are you chasing? Don’t let lack of status or spotlight hold you back. You were made for more.

Want some regular encouragement as you build and grow your kingdom business? Come and join The Sheerah Network – let’s build together!

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