Your life is NOT on hold...

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Meghan was already a QUEEN before she became a princess...

Now before the eye rolls start and you question whether this is about to be some feminist rant, I’ll put your mind at rest. As much as I’m ‘pro-women doing their thing boldly’ (shouldn’t we all be?) I wouldn’t class myself as a feminist at all, actually.

Now that that’s settled, let’s talk.

On Saturday, I, along with the other 2 billion people on the planet, watched the royal wedding and I LOVED every single second. I truly feel this wedding marked a new era for so many things - more on that another time.

Shortly after the ‘I wills’ were exchanged, social media blew up with posts displaying pictures of the newlyweds. One picture resurfaced featuring Meghan, many years ago, sitting on the fence outside Buckingham Palace...

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Now I LOVE the fact that back then, she had no idea she’d one day be regularly IN the palace as Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex. But let’s just clear a few things up real quick. Meghan wasn’t ‘waiting on her prince’ or whatever other romantic sentiments have been put out there. Actually, she was living her LIFE, and you better believe that when Harry met Meghan, he would have been just as impressed as she was.

Here was a woman who, pre-title, had a successful acting career, was an ambassador for World Vision Canada and had worked as an advocate for the United Nations, to name but a tiny snippet of her pre-Prince endeavours.

I highly doubt there would have been a royal wedding if, when this pair met, Meghan had nothing to say and show for herself. This blind date set up by friends, wasn’t her ‘fighting shot at happiness’.

Marriage is about two people coming together as one, bringing BOTH of their strengths and vulnerabilities to the table and becoming better together.

That’s what happened on Saturday.

So often we can get it wrong. So often I myself got it wrong. I’d impatiently wait for my ‘Prince Charming’ and feel as though my life was on hold until he arrived. Not recognising that God had already made me whole.

Over on my podcast today, I explore the story of Leah and the theme of being overlooked. As I mention on today’s episode, I really do feel for Leah. She is used and manipulated, and almost looked THROUGH rather than looked AT. But Leah made mistakes too...

“And Leah conceived and bore a son, and she called his name Reuben, for she said, “Because the Lord has looked upon my affliction; for now my husband will love me.” (Genesis 29:32)

Leah decided that her identity was only going to be found in her Husband’s love, and so rather than get on with living, she chose to place the entirety of her worth on whether or not her husband approved of her. You can read/listen to more of this story over on the podcast.

Today, you might be waiting for a spouse, a business to take off, a job, an addition to your family, or perhaps something else entirely. Regardless of what you’re waiting for, the message is the same…

Your life isn’t on hold.

Even if He hasn’t given you the ‘big picture’, God has shown you the next step. Take that and then watch the rest unfold.

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