There’s this thing.

This thing about capacity.

I want to talk about it. Because I’m not convinced we’ve fully understood it.

Not that we can ever fully understand the things of God, of course… but we can endeavour to know more, grow more, seek more.

So capacity…

What’s yours like when it comes to being stretched and pulled in directions you never expected?

Because that’s what happens when we step out of comfort zones and leap into the unknown. Our capacity is stretched.

What’s your capacity for being uncomfortable?

If God calls you to something… something big. How do you respond?

“I can’t, Lord.”

You’re right. You can’t.

But God.

Do those two little words make your capacity for discomfort a little easier?

Does trusting that His power truly is made perfect in our weakness make you any more comfortable with surrender?

We have such an obsession with control.

We want to know HOW it’s all going to turn out and so handing over the reins and letting God be God while we just take the next scary step is always made to be so TERRIFYING.

Sometimes so terrifying that we don’t even make the step at all. Which quite frankly, I think is even MORE terrifying to be honest.

How about you?

I mean how comfortable is the comfort zone, really?

That place of mediocrity which just kind of…lingers. It hangs in the air because you always know there’s something else but you’re not quite willing to take that risk. And so everything’s awkward and off balance and out of alignment. You’re snappier with everyone because they should just UNDERSTAND that you’re stressed out about not being able to do that thing you always tell people you want to do and yet never get around to doing.

Wait… re-read that last part for a sec. Does that even make sense?!

You’re comfortable with THAT kind of discomfort? The kind which suppresses what’s true of you?

But the discomfort of stepping outside of yourself and trusting God’s leading and guidance is what’s hard?

Let’s do things differently, lovely. It’s time.

A year ago I’d JUST started out in business with some devotional e-books and I was like a fish out of water. I could write, sure. But the marketing, selling and everything else which goes into running a successful business wasn’t all there.

I could have stopped there. Settled for a hobby status business which brought in a few inconsistent pounds here and there with the sales of my e-book. That might have been ‘comfortable’ perhaps alongside a part-time job or something…

But even as I write that out I’m screwing my face up.

Because really?

We’re just going to leave this HUGE EXPANSE that God is calling us to run towards for the ‘safety’ of the paycheck from a job we don’t like and life we’re not thriving in.

I’ll take the huge expanse, please.

The IMMESURABLY MORE God has promised. The GREATER THINGS THAN THESE we’re meant to be doing with our one life.

No, it’s not idealistic. In fact, it’s the most realistic thing I can think of.

Crying out to God for strength, wisdom, discernment, and leading because no it’s NOT comfortable, but my God’s arms are everlasting and HE is comfortable with my discomfort and calls me trust Him.

So God was calling the hobby-status business which I’d have been ‘comfortable’ handling to become something bigger. That uncomfortable call meant that a year later, I’m celebrating a one year anniversary of running a fabulous Facebook community of female entrepreneurs.

Sheerah Group Pic.jpg

That uncomfortable call meant that this morning a received a signed contract from the commissioning editor of a publishing house! A few weeks back, I was asked to be one of the contributing authors for a book which will be published in 2019 and this morning I got the contract.

Publishing Snapshot.jpg

That uncomfortable call meant that a year later I’m working with incredible women from all over the world mobilising THEM for Kingdom Business.

That uncomfortable call just got even more uncomfortable – I just moved from the domain name I used when I started my blog over 6 years ago ‘1authenticheart’ (don’t worry, you can still find me there!)

Because here’s the thing – It’s uncomfortable for me to be out here in the world saying that “THIS is who I am” and use my full name while I say it. Nothing to hide behind. Just Eeek.

The bottom line is this.

I make uncomfortable choices, I make uncomfortable investments, my faith is stretched uncomfortably.

And every single time, so is my capacity.

My capacity to handle the discomfort. To sit in it and trust that the tiny seeds of faith I’ve planted along the years of my life will bloom where they’re planted and beyond. He hasn’t failed me yet. And He won’t fail you either.

The world is waiting for your work.



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