Stop with your back seat drama and get in front. (or what to do when you don’t feel like ‘Entrepreneuring’)

When I was a child, my brother, my sister and I would get into arguments about who got to sit in the front seat when my parents drove us anywhere. It sort of became a thing that whoever said “I’m in the front” first got pole position, while the other two had to settle for staring daggers into the back of the front seat victor (who was always smug… I was especially smug.)

Sitting in the back was frustrating. In hindsight, I don’t really know why. But it always involved grumbling, moaning and complaining about how they sat in the front last time and life just wasn’t fair anymore. It was all a bit dramatic and ridiculous. But back then, the front seat was a big thing.

The front row rider was cool, calm and collected (and smug) and milked that extra leg room for all it was worth while the back seat sufferers argued with each other in their sorry state and basically just made the car journeys a lot less enjoyable.


I know it’s not just me who sometimes decides to throw a ‘back seat sulk’ as we build and scale our purpose-driven business. We start looking at EVERYONE else as though they’re in the front seat and life is great for them. They’ve got all the extra leg room and the bragging rights (quite literally, as you watch their Insta story of their latest trip – because ‘#laptoplifestyle’) and all you’ve got is an annoying sibling (the weird guy at your local Starbucks who keeps looking over when all you’re trying to do is write your latest newsletter which you’ve decided no one is going to read anyway.)

It’s time to stop.

It’s time to stop with back seat victim mode, undo the seatbelt of suffering and reclaim the position that’s been yours all along.

Because in you creating your own business, it meant you got to be your own boss, right?

So why are you sitting on the back seat with #AllTheEmotions claiming “it’s alright for them.” Who is this elusive they anyway? This is YOUR business, lovely. THEY aren’t even in your car.

I don’t know what you need to do today to reclaim your ‘I’m my own boss’ power. For me, it was to write this blog post. Because I’ve had a long and busy day (I was at church for most of it – I’m an active volunteer & member of the team there) which meant I hadn’t even looked at my laptop all day, and when I got home, after sharing a live stream training into my mastermind group & checking in with my incredible 1:1 clients, I just wanted to watch Netflix and grumble about how busy my life is and how tired I am. (I did that first for like 10 minutes to my husband.) But then…


As a business owner, you take yourself out of the pity party back seat session RIGHT NOW and find yourself in front.

The Holy Spirit’s driving this thing but you are ABSOLUTELY entitled to be sitting right there too. So WHAT if you don’t feel like it today? What if you don’t feel like it tomorrow either? Does that mean the work just doesn’t get done? That this business just doesn’t ever really get started or scaled?

Did you know that there’s a CALL on your life?

Do you recognise that sometimes you won’t feel like walking in it?

Do you understand that sometimes it isn’t about just going with your feelings and setting up shop in the back seat like you’re held prisoner there and have no other options?

Did you know you’re incredible?

Do you recognise the importance of the work you’ve been called to?

sideways edit.jpg

Today, I saw a post in my mastermind group which made me smile because it started with the words ‘I need help.’ So simple, so direct and to the point. And that’s what it’s all about. Sometimes we do a little David, encourage ourselves in the Lord (1 Samuel 30:6) and write a blog post about it. (Heeeey!) and sometimes we put up a white flag of surrender and ask some people to help a sister out.

So, who are your people?

Who are your ‘go to girls’ for a bit of cheering on, advice and motivation?

If you’re not sure you can answer that question, I can help you out.

My Mobilisation Mastermind doors are open for another 48 hours to the woman who wants to make a front seat decision.

And if you haven’t already heard, I just added a bonus to trump all bonuses!

All of the modules of my 9-week program, Clarity Class, are going into the Member’s site for you to take at your own pace!!!

So, if you’re ready for weekly training and Q & A (ask me anything!), monthly coaching calls where we hang out in realtime and talk through whatever’s going on for you in your entrepreneurial journey, PLUSa sisterhood of women who are ready to cheer you on when you’re having ‘one of those days’, not to mention an entire 9 module program thrown in as a bonus – then you can call off the search party because you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

If I told you all of this was under £50 (Under $70) a month, would you call me crazy? Because that’s exactly what it is… and the clock is ticking. When the Mastermind re-opens, the price point will have increased. So what’s it going to be? Back seat sulking session, or front seat success?

I’ll see you there.

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