Your story, your song.

“Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.” (John 21:25 ESV)

We have just celebrated Easter weekend. A time commonly used for consumption of abnormal amounts of chocolate eggs and for some, a time of reflection on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. (I even heard that the Kardashian’s were at church on Easter Sunday.) Easter Sunday is a time of celebration, a time where Christians say things like ‘He has risen’. We remember that death could not hold Him. That He is no longer bound by His tomb. That He is alive… He is as alive today as He was the very day He left the grave clothes behind. And dear Christian, He lives in You.

During some reflection earlier on, my mind was taken to the verse above. The verse which ends John’s amazing gospel. Anyone that has read the book of John, will know that it is a weighty account of some of the things that Jesus accomplished during His time on earth, one of them being the aforementioned death conquering… But this verse excites me… 'there are many other things that Jesus did’… It got me to thinking…

There is more.

Our resurrected Lord is still at work in our lives now. Blessing us with the small things and the bigger things. Miraculously equipping us to stand through trial and testing, comforting us in our mourning. That fact is, that in whatever capacity it may manifest itself as, Jesus is still at work. There is more… There are still books to be written, accounting the grace of God in your life past and present, songs to be penned and sung to give us hope for the future, pictures to be painted that we might see things differently and photo opportunities to be captured with eyes that scope creation through the lens of the Creator.

The world certainly has space for more. The world has space to hear of a Redeemer who wants to know it, heal it, protect it and save it. The world needs to read that book, hear that song, look at that painting or photograph. Jesus has done 'many other things’ that we tell no one about. Fear, doubt, hesitancy, procrastination and busyness stop us from documenting them.

It’s time to tell your story, to write your song.

It’s time to tell a broken and hurting world what Jesus has done and what He will do. It’s time to speak hope into hopelessness. It’s time to continue to fill the books…