Let your TRIGGERS make way for your TRUTH

Naomi Aidoo

Aside from my ‘I’m having a baby’ announcement... (did you hear by the way? I’m having a BABY in May! More on that some other time.) Aside from that glorious news, there’s been one post in recent times which has racked up the most little Facebook hearts and thumbs up I’ve seen on anything I’ve written ever. A steady stream of comments and likes and left me wondering why, whilst also KNOWING simultaneously.

It’s not new information to leave ‘living for likes’ at the door. Social media emojis don’t = success. One thing they ARE good for though, is you knowing if what you’re saying is resonating with the people you want to speak to.

I read a book review recently of a book which I quite enjoyed. The review writers comments were scathing to say the least, and what was meant to be a review, turned into a personal attack on the author. Not usually one to voice my opinions on articles like these, I felt that this time, I was left with little choice.

After sharing what I had to share, I found myself responding to people who were agreeing to my comments & tagging their friends. I found myself reading what I’d written to my husband and wondering why my heart was beating so fast and I was feeling so emotional about this review... no, it wasn’t the hormones!

The author of the book which the writer reviewed is a Christian. She’s also a business woman - a 7-figure business woman at that. Much of the article (wrongly) labelled her as a ‘prosperity gospel’ member who was ‘brainwashing’ and shaming others for essentially not being richer or thinner. Yes, it’s as wild as it sounds, especially because the book does no such thing. Does it suggest we have the capacity within us to make decisions which could affect our waistlines and our bank balances? Sure - but hand on heart, we already KNOW that, and this author certainly doesn’t shame anyone who chooses not to exercise those abilities.

Anyway, THAT wasn’t what got my pulse racing. It was the writers tenuous links in tying all of this to the author’s faith which had my head spinning. 

She bought an expensive bag - must be a prosperity preacher.

She has expensive conference tickets - only in it for the money (she neglected to mention the cheaper tickets, of course.)

At first, I was triggered by it all. And then - I was SO thankful, because this stuff brings me back to my why and also reminds me of the weight of responsibility which comes with it.

Naomi Aidoo

Have you ever had one of those triggering moments? Go deeper with it - ask yourself why it affected you the way in which it did. You might find out a lot more about yourself than you know.

For me, I know that my primary calling is to expound on and unpack God’s Word in a way which helps people to tangibly live out the truths found on Its pages. I know that my primary context for doing that is amongst online business owners. The women I work with are beyond passionate about the mission they have, the message God’s given them to share and the work they put forth into the world. They also know that they can generate income for their families by doing so.

What I cannot STAND, is when people (Christians or not) draw their own conclusions about who can and can’t have financial wealth, who is and isn’t entitled to share their message with the masses. And to be honest, those who ‘shouldn’t’, in these people’s opinions - are Christians. I’ve heard it all...

“Jesus was homeless.”
“Freely given, freely receive”
“You’re all about the prosperity gospel.”

It all needs to stop. Seriously. Because in an equally upsetting post I read just this morning saw a woman speaking pretty negatively the faith she used to have because to her, humility = not loving herself and sharing her message boldly and essentially only being able to come to God in pain and suffering for Him to be open enough to listen.

It’s areas like this I’m passionate about speaking into. Speaking into them with reverence for TRUTH (because I don’t believe in bending the scriptures in order to fit a context) and allowing them to ILLUMINATE what’s real when it comes to the Bible speaking into business. I don’t have time for the prosperity gospel message OR the poverty gospel. I’m here to share TRUTH (and business strategy, of course!) so that those on the ‘front lines’ of business building feel equipped for battle every single day.

What if your triggers are there to reveal your truth?

You know? Those things which you can’t help but speak into and share about aren’t just a coincidence – they’re there to tell you something about yourself. They’re there to remind of who you are. Don’t dismiss what’s real on the inside of you even when you’re just a bit confused about why it’s even there. Address it, ask yourself questions, consider why you’re feeling the way you are.

I’m thankful for this particular trigger reminding me of who I am and what I’m here to do.

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  • Have you ever asked yourself why when someone says 'you do this, this, and this' - you're still a bit stuck?

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  • Have you ever contributed ideas to a particular situation and found yourself wondering why no one seemed to hear what you had to say?

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  • Or perhaps you're someone who finds the idea of a quickly shifting and changing business terrifying and you prefer to stick to the one thing?

ALL of these responses and reactions in your business are because of who you ARE. Whether due to nature, nurture, or choice - the way in which you do things won't necessarily be the way in which everyone else does.

And although you know everyone's different and gifted in their own ways, you cant help but think that if you were a little more 'like them' in your leadership, you'd be more effective.

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