There have no doubt been times in all of our lives when God has appeared to be silent. When it seems as though He’s moving in everybody else’s life but your own. There are times when you feel like another day at that work place/with that family/with this health problem/in this much debt, will be one day too many. There are times when we wonder if God is really paying attention.


I read the verse above yesterday and absolutely loved the certainty of God’s action. It is not a ‘maybe’, not a 'not now’. He does see. He really, honestly does. I want to declare this over the pockets of darkness in my life which cloud my judgement and force me to believe that God has missed it this time. He doesn’t miss anything. He sees it all. What’s more is that He takes it into His hands. His Almighty, 'fling stars into space’ type hands. There is absolutely nothing which He cannot do. He has been and will continue to be a helper to the fatherless, to the widow, to the orphan, to the comfortless, to the grieving, to the hurting. He does see. He will help.

The fact that Gods timing is often not our own doesn’t mean He isn’t there. Let’s imagine it as if it were one of those long phone calls I’m sure we’ve all had. The type of phone call where, here and there there’s this comfortable, almost comforting silence. You know the other person is still on the other end of the phone, and they know you are. But neither are talking. Let’s try and picture God’s apparent silence in this way. Not speaking, yet. Not acting, yet. But also, not leaving. Ever.