This is not a dress rehearsal...

It won’t be hard for you to picture the scene.

Fourty-ish 16 and 17-year-old drama students packed into the school hall on a Saturday.

It’s loud, emotions are high and no one seems to know where their scripts are.

It can only mean one thing…

It’s intensive rehearsal day.

You see, these students have their final performances of the year coming up in a few weeks and the most rehearsal they’ve got done up until now is their 1-hour drama lessons and the odd after-school rehearsal. (Oh, and there’s always a key member of the cast who can’t make it after school because of ‘mum’s birthday, ‘driving lesson’, ‘football practice’…there’s always something.)

So Saturday is pretty important.

Some (the really dramatic ones) are even saying it’s make or break.

Anticipation and excitement are high and everyone’s here. (Even football practice guy) and so after discussions of where they’re going for lunch and what they’re doing after rehearsal, they’re ready to go.

And something miraculous happens.

Maybe it’s the pressure of the looming exam.

Maybe it’s because the girl who is predicted the highest grade in the class is taking no prisoners and everyone else is being scared into doing the work.

Maybe it’s because of the promise of KFC for lunch.

Whatever it is, this Saturday is special because for the first time since being given this assignment, everyone is focused, scripts are in hand and these students are creating work which Shakespeare himself may well have been proud of…. Maybe.

The fact is, the Saturday intensive rehearsal day makes all the difference. Every single year.

How do I know?

After 7 years of teaching High School Drama and at least 7 of those Saturdays in school, I know exactly what happens when more than just your typical one hour lesson is given to pulling a performance together.

The adrenaline.

The realisation that this actually IS possible after all.

The excitement and fear of the exam getting closer all rolled into one.

Something wonderful happens when time is set aside solely for this one purpose. Expectations are exceeded and everyone finishes Saturday a lot less emotional than the way in which they started… and everyone enjoyed their KFC lunch.

I see you – 20 minutes on your business here, an hour there – squeezing it in around your job or the kid’s naptime.

I get it.

When I worked part-time whilst building my business on the side, every precious moment counted and there was still the washing, the laundry and everything else to do.

And to be honest, you totally can build your business 20 minutes or an hour at a time… I’ve totally done some of that.

But before I went full-time in my business, some of my most productive moments in building it were when a whole Saturday was stretched before me and I had a to-do list I was ticking off like there was no tomorrow.

It was basically an intensive Saturday rehearsal day.

Expect it wasn’t just a rehearsal. It was like rehearsal and performance blended into one because after I sat at the laptop and did the work, I pressed publish.

I had no idea what the response would be.

There’s no real way to know those sort of facts to be honest.

But I pressed publish anyway.

Because that’s what you do. You realise that done is better than perfect, that this isn’t a dress rehearsal anymore. It’s your real life and your real business and it’s time to do the work.

So you press publish.

Well, you’re supposed to press publish.

How’s that going for you?

The program you said you were going to launch last month?

The blog post you meant to write last week?

Are you getting it done? If not, why not? Really think about that for a second…

If you’re still not sure and you just KNOW you need something to kick you into gear, do not fear, I have JUST the thing and it’s happening LIVE this Saturday!


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You’ll get a lifetime access recorded copy of the Boot Camp so that you can go through the same steps if ever you need to launch anything again too.

Oh, and did I mention that It’s a total NO BRAINER investment?

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