Why I resisted my word for 2018

I resisted my word for 2018 for a while. In fact I’d decided I hadn’t actually got my word yet and continued thinking and praying on it…

Only to find myself coming back to the same theme which I felt God had been speaking to me about all along. And so I surrendered.

I went live in my free Facebook community ‘The Sheerah Network’ yesterday to talk about my word and to ask you about yours. Head over there HERE and drop your word in the comments. I gave you some journaling prompts too which you might find helpful as you start the New Year.

So, why the resistance around my word?

Well firstly, last year’s set the bar pretty high. ‘Mobilisation’ felt so powerful and purposeful. And truth be told, mobilisation is a word which will never be too far from me and my business – it’s what it’s all about really.

Anyway, my word for 2018 is… BALANCE.

And I really love it. Now.

But yesterday morning while I was journaling and thinking through the idea and trying to make sense of it I felt all of this resistance. I internally spoke to God about it. Like, “Really, Lord? Balance? It feels so…”

And I couldn’t really complete the sentence but I knew what I meant and it turns out I was wrong. Because initially, balance to me felt boring and un ‘hustle’. I’m one of those people who doesn’t have a problem with the word hustle. Sometimes it’s got to be done. Sometimes… which actually brings me back to BALANCE.

When I first started out in business, I wasn’t going to be a coach.

I hired my first ever coach back in September 2016 because I wanted to get my devotional e-books and my first ever e-course which God had put on my heart, out into the world.

Although I had years of experience online as a blogger and a vlogger, I’d spent most of my life teaching High School and figured that if I was going to do this online thing properly – I should get some help from someone a step or two ahead of me.

At the time, I thought I’d be a kind of online Biblical mentor. That I would create courses and programs which equipped the church with truth which would enable them to live their lives out with more purpose and power than ever.

And that’s what my first ever E-course ‘Chosen.’, which I launched in December 2017 was all about. Biblical growth, renewed mindset and Godly confidence and identity. I could talk about that stuff forever.

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But then something happened – I fell in love with marketing and strategy too.

It turns out my years being online, partnered with a teaching qualification and ministry experience were in fact useful for all of that stuff after all and I immediately wanted to help people with that too.

So I did. And again I went ALL IN.

I created another program I totally loved! ‘Clarity Class’ - my business foundations program, which is all things strategy.

Of course, there were Biblical principles because mindset is a huge part of business strategy and so even if we’re down to the nitty gritty of strategy, we’re going to end up talking mindset, and for me that means talking about God in some way, shape or form.

But even though all of my 1:1 calls began with prayer and a reflection in the Word as do most of my trainings & program content, I began to find myself rushing that part thinking that even though each of these women knew exactly what my work was about, that they actually didn’t want the reflection and wanted to start talking funnels and ads.

And despite countless clients telling me that the reflections I shared with them at the start of our calls were exactly what they needed at that time, I’d find myself second-guessing what I’ve been called to do.

I’ve been CALLED to balance.

A balance between sharing Biblical truths which could benefit even those who aren’t entrepreneurs but just want to lead a more purpose-driven life ALONGSIDE supporting faith-focused leaders and business owners who want to start and up-level their online businesses.

And for months I wrestled with this idea as though THE BIBLE wasn’t actually what these amazing women wanted to hear more about – it’s ridiculous really.

It also affected my personal study. As a previous Bible college student and a student of the Word in general, I’ve always LOVED a few hours stretched ahead of me with a Bible and a journal. But during this season I found that ALL of the books I was reading and trainings I was listening to & watching were about business development, systems etc etc.

Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE those things. But somewhere in the midst of it all, I was missing that CONNECTION I have when I meet God in His Word – it’s undoubtedly where I feel His presence most tangibly.

Speaking of the Bible – I was reading it yesterday morning which sealed the deal on my 2018 word being balance.

I was in Genesis and despite reading it so many times, I had this fresh revelation wash over me like never before – a deep understanding of BALANCE in creation and how I get to mirror it.

You see in Genesis 1 we see SUCH creativity and imagination co-existing alongside clear and obvious order and structure – BALANCE.

And then in Genesis 2 we notice that God finished His work. And after finishing, He rested and the rest was just as important as the work – BALANCE.

As someone with an all or nothing personality, (which you’ve just read about after hearing the thoughts I’ve had around my business over the past year!) it was SO refreshing to see balance so evidently displayed in God’s word.

Creativity AND structure.

Work AND rest.

I’m walking into all of it for 2018. I’m walking into pouring over God’s word and teaching truths from it which will support people to live their best lives – the ones He’s created them for because life is short and the call is urgent. And I’m walking into supporting women who know there’s something on the inside of them which they’re yet to bring to life and they know they need to but just aren’t 100% sure how. Whether that’s how to start a business or how to scale one. I know I’m called to both. I’m here for all of it.

I’m here for working hard. Hustling if you will. And I’m here for resting lots too.

I’m here for BALANCE.

I spend hours telling my clients that there is no ‘should’. That they get to do exactly what God’s calling them to do without exception. And yet I’d been resisting that idea for myself. Telling myself it SHOULD be Bible OR business but definitely not both.

Well, not any more. Thanks to the word which, despite my resistance, God so graciously gave me.

What’s your word for 2018?

The world is waiting for your work.

P.S. I'm so excited about balance this year. If you read my last post of 2017, you'll know that I'm not taking on 1:1 clients for the time being. It's all part of what God's doing next in order for me to share this message with more people. 

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