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This time four years ago, I would have been knee deep in lesson plans and display boards preparing for a brand new term of high school teaching. Instead, I’ve started the week in a cute café prepping the launch of my brand new free live stream event and putting the finishing touches to a few new offers I have in the pipeline.

The two are in no way similar and yet the former (High School Teaching) is what I’m qualified in and once upon a time would have felt WAY more comfortable than doing my own thing and heading into the ‘big bad world’ of business. Except two things…

1.    Comfort zones never got anyone anywhere.

2.    Business isn’t big and bad in the slightest.

I mean I suppose it could be if you allowed it to be. But the reality is, business is what you make it.

And what are you making your business out to be right now?

Difficult? All-consuming? Overwhelming?

I hope none of those words describe where you’re currently at. But in case they do, I want to share a few thoughts with you today. Because seriously, if a woman who spent most of her twenties teaching teenagers Drama and English can turn that around and start running her own business, so can you... (if you want to of course!) And not only that – because I presume a number of you are already in business – you can actually do it without stress and burn out too.

When I first started out, I was stressed and frustrated. I was taking on far too many 1:1 clients at a time – to the point I had to shut the program multiple times. I was also creating content, writing, and essentially doing all the things. I didn’t yet have a virtual assistant and so I was very much a one-woman show and the performance was most definitely not enjoyable.

It looked like flailing and frustration and way too many late nights overthinking.

Not a good look.

Can you relate?

And business is meant to be enjoyable, right?! So, did you miss the memo?

No you didn’t. You just need to think about doing business differently. Here’s a couple of insights as to how that’s all supposed to happen…

When I first stepped out of 9-5 life, I knew I needed help if I was going to allow the transition to be a smooth one. Yes, I could learn everything myself and absolutely wing it (hello, 5 years as a blogger before I did anything remotely business-like!) but if I was going to make this my full-time thing, I knew I had to go all in. Working with high-level coaches is definitely one of my favourite ways to scale my business. There’s nothing like daily support and insights from someone other than my own mind. As much as my first Business Coach did so much more besides, one of the biggest things which hiring her did for me personally was help me to recognise that this wasn’t a hobby-status side hustle anymore. I was finally taking myself seriously. Which, by the way, you’ll absolutely have to do if you want others to treat you the same way.

While receiving coaching might not be for everyone, that doesn’t automatically mean you count yourself out until this elusive ‘one day’ when you’ll be able to grow and go again. The best time to start and scale is right now and it’s well within your grasp to do so. And so if not coaching, what?

Free training, books, courses… the list is pretty endless and so you’ll most certainly find support if and when you really want it. But actually, I want to talk to you today about something we might be overlooking when it comes to business boosting.

For all the coaching, the group programs, the books and beyond which I’ve invested in as I’ve scaled my business over the past two years, there’s a key area which I’ve only recently properly explored and started realising the benefit of.

And when I say benefit, I mean the type the goes deeper than knowing where to place your Facebook pixel or what colour ‘Heading 1’ should be.

Proverbs pic.jpg

I’ve recently started exploring the book of Proverbs and the amount of light and wisdom it has to shed on the world of business is so eye-opening. There are so many topics which speak into business found in these short verses, and to be honest, there are Biblical business principles scattered throughout the entirety of the Bible.

How much thought have you given to that?

How many Biblical principles are you allowing to infiltrate your business? And when I say infiltrate, what I actually mean is how much of the living and active word are you allowing to live through how you go about the day to day tasks your business requires of you in order to keep running.


Listen, I’m the first person to say that preaching every five seconds isn’t helping anyone. But what I’m also saying is that the Bible has a lot to say about how we treat people, how we handle money, our attitude to work and so on. In fact, as I’ve been studying the proverbs, five key principles have really stuck out to me…

One: Work-ethic and Seizing Opportunities

Two: Finance

Three: Wisdom and Planning Ahead

Four: Excellence and Skill

Five: Generosity, Service and Giving

Of course, there are countless other areas which the proverbs unpack as we explore them, however, these are five key ones which stood out to me. So much so that I started writing about them – and then I decided to open up a FREE live stream event which unpacks these key concepts. The even better news? YOU are invited!

Join me for ‘Biblical Business Brilliance’, my free 5-day live event in work-ethic and wisdom through the proverbs.

If you want your business to not only be successful and soaring, but also rooted and grounded in Biblical principles which will help you stay the course no matter what, then look no further.

To learn more and to sign up for the event, click the button below…

Oh, but if you’re actually wanting some more deep-dive support in scaling your business, I’m super excited to be taking on TWO new clients this month. Up until a week ago, my 1:1 had been closed for nine months! If you’re ready to jump into one of the two available spots I have, click HERE to learn more. This program is for women already in business and is strictly application only.

The world is waiting for your work.

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HEY! I’m Naomi, Business Coach for High-Level Female Entrepreneurs & Founder of Living Word League. 

I coach, write, teach and run programs which infuse practical strategies with Biblical principles (which I personally think is the best rule of thumb for success.) I moved from a 7-year High School teaching career, to building and scaling my business after starting out as a hobby-status blogger in 2011. Within months, I was able to go totally full time and haven't looked back. My success, as someone who previously would have never seen myself as an entrepreneur means that I'm now beyond passionate about business being an expression of Kingdom-building here on earth. Hobby status and inconsistent feast to famine months aren't cutting it for you anymore right? You're meant for a business which has faith as your foundation AND soars with success. That's where I come in.

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