3 tips to eliminating playing it small in business

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“What about your own company?”

The question rang in my ears for a moment. Despite the fact I’d been running my own business for 18 months, I still hadn’t really stopped to consider it as a company for more than half a second. And now, as a Trustee for a global charitable organisation, I was having to sign some paperwork declaring any affiliation I might have with other companies.

We can all too often limit our thinking, can’t we?

The question I was asked wasn’t a loaded one, nor was it followed up with sniggering and smirks. It was almost as if it was a given that I had my own company, as opposed to the ‘one woman show’ I’d so often become accustomed to affiliating the nature of my work with. Why wouldn’t  I have multiple staff members etc? And I then began to ask myself that very question. Why wouldn’t I indeed?

You see, your business is only as small or as big as you make it. If your response when someone asks you what you do is still to shrink back and only half own up to the work you’re putting out into the world, you’ve got to ask yourself why that is. It’s time to think so much bigger. And I don’t especially mean right now, as it stands. I don’t mean regarding you sitting at a laptop and wondering where your next client is coming from – I mean VISION.

Where are you headed? Have you considered what it would mean to think beyond where you’re currently at? Let’s remind ourselves here that God is a God of immeasurably more than we can ask, think, or even imagine.

Right now I have a VA and a graphic designer, but I see so much more for my business alongside that. ALL of this is based on vision and mission though. It’s based on what I believe God wants to do through me as this vision comes to fruition.

Today, I want you to consider the same thing. I want you to consider the vision you have for your life and business.

Naomi Aidoo

Where do you want things to be in 5 years time? In 10 years?

The here and now is important – it’s essential in fact. But you’ve got to believe in what God’s given you enough to recognise the future too. We can all too quickly count ourselves out of where we’re headed in the name of ‘false humility’ or otherwise.

Recently, I shared a live video about a pretty well-known verse and one that we all too often overlook a particular part of. I wonder if you’ll do the same thing as you read it here:

“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands, for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:6-7)

A spirit NOT of fear, but of POWER.

Not fearing the unknown or the risky. Not fearing the ‘what ifs’ that may never be. But instead, operating POWERFULLY in your God-given gifts.

Sometimes, playing it small can be so much easier, can’t it? Sticking within our comfort zones is safe – there’s no sense of the unknown or questions around what may or may not be. But instead of being comfortable with comfort zones, I think we need to start leading the way for legacy.

3 Tips to Eliminating Playing it Small

1.       Be less precious

Yes, your business is your baby in so many senses. But if you’re really serious about scaling and growing, you’ve got to entrust it with other people at some point in the process. I know that when I first hired a Virtual Assistant, I was SO worried about whether my brand would still be portrayed in the way I wanted it to be if someone else was involved in any aspect of it. Thankfully, my worries needn’t have been there and the extra time which support afforded me is now something I believe to be invaluable. If your business is your baby – remember, it takes a village!

2.        Think Bigger!

As basic as it sounds, this one is so crucial. Yes, you might want to make an extra couple of thousand dollars, but is that honestly where your hopes and dreams halt? Even if thinking about the next 5 or 10 years is scary, it’s still important. You didn’t start this business only to stick at it for a month or two. You’re in for the long game, right? So start acting like it. Marketing, launching and anything where you’re ‘asking for the sale’ is always SO much better when you’ve planned for it and don’t feel panicked and rushed as opposed to doing it from a place of reaction because it’s now or never. You and your business deserve better than that. Start writing out some bigger goals and then get to work!

3.       Take more risks.

Now, I say this third and final pointer with some caution. I don’t mean that a way to eliminate playing it small is to simply take any risk whatsoever. There’s got to be a huge element of thought and wisdom which goes into ANY decision you make regarding your business. But here is what I DO mean… Whenever I’ve wanted to make an investment in my business, it’s never made sense in accordance with my bank balance. At first, this meant I made no investments and left things for ‘one day’. The problem with the elusive ‘one day’ though, is that YOU control it and so you get to keep pushing it back. When you’re working with someone who’s setting you goals and showing you how to meet them, or working alongside a group of like-minded people who can support and cheer you along your journey, results do just happen faster. Just think about exercise, for example and consider why so many people hire personal trainers. When considering an investment, don’t ONLY look at the price point. Also consider the long-term gain.

The world is waiting for your work.

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