Get Out Of The Dark Room

Once a photo has developed, it doesn't stay in the dark room... 📸
What to do when you LOVE personal development but don't feel like you're 'developed'...💜

I shared a live video over the weekend which I've since uploaded to my Youtube channel (are you following me there yet? Get involved! I've been on Youtube since 2013 - there's a LOT of content over there!)

So this video was something which came to me when I was cleaning my make up brushes. #RealTalk.

I started thinking about how often we're way more interested in personal development than we are in actually developing.

Ouch. Strike a chord?

Well, I shared 5 quick tips on how to move beyond all of that and why getting out of the 'dark room' of development is SO what you need to be doing. Click the image below to watch the video.

The world is waiting for your work.

Love and blessings, 

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