Convenience or commitment? Let's talk CALLING.

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Truth be told, we can take calling too lightly. We can decide that just because when we’re commissioned by God to do something, or we just sense it to be the case, it doesn’t matter a huge deal if we let everything and everyone else come first.

Now before you roll your eyes and think this is all about self-centeredness and so one, think again and read on.

We can look at calls like that of Isaiah or of Abram and the greats before us, and decide that just because our calling looks like a classroom, or a crying baby, or a blinking cursor and a startlingly white page on a computer screen, that somehow it doesn’t really matter how it all turns out because, ‘well, it’s not exactly GRAND, is it?’ We tell ourselves.

I think we’re doing ourselves and those we’re called to a huge disservice if we think this way. And the thing is, we might even KNOW that to be the case, and yet we say things like ‘well, I just don’t have the time’ or ‘it’s alright for them’, almost as though you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that what you’ve been called to isn’t worthy of much attention.

In the weeks and months before I was getting married, I found myself awake at 5am and jogging besides one of my friends on a treadmill shortly afterwards most weekday mornings. I didn’t suddenly miraculously have more hours in the day to do that, I carved out an extra hour or so. I MADE it happen. Why? Well, simply because the outcome I wanted as a result of the activity I put in was worth it to me.

Simply put, I wanted to look good in my dress. If me, as a full-time High School Educator in a very demanding role, who was also a volunteer at church with multiple evenings of commitments, could suddenly wake up at 5am and RUN because of a dress, I can certainly do what I need to do to ensure my calling is lived out well.


Can you relate? Have you found yourself taking a ‘no matter what’ stance on some things, and then left other stuff to fall by the wayside? Perhaps it’s time for a commitment check!

What does you performing at your BEST look like regarding what you’re called to? Getting enough sleep so you’re energised for the task at hand? Having space on your own to recharge, so that when you do show up and serve, you do so from a place of heart and soul and not obligation with a side of resentment? Saying no sometimes? Not always taking the easy route out when you know that the more complicated path will actually serve your purpose better?

Now don’t get me wrong. We can’t always have these ideal days which allow us to execute on things perfectly. But we DO have the option to make daily choices which enable us to do things just a little differently if we want to. We CAN get up earlier if we decide to (I once had a client who had calls with me at 4am her time so that we could talk BEFORE she went to her nursing job.) We can cut out the bad foods for a season if that’s something we want to do… and so on. Ultimately, the choice is always yours.

That’s the funny thing about choice though, isn’t it? We can be presented with an option, and we can know that God has called us to step into what’s next… like, we can REALLY know it. And yet, the action needed to execute is still going to ultimately fall to us.

This is when dreamers become doers.

The place where carrying out calling is a ‘no matter what’ COMMITMENT, as opposed to a ‘when I get around to it’ CONVENIENCE.

What’s it going to be for you?

If God’s calling you, make it count.

The world is waiting for your work.

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