You already know how to be BRAVE.

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The discipline of writing, even when you don’t feel like you have a specific ‘topic’ or subject can be a hard one. But the truth of the matter is – we’re not always simply called to do something ‘when it feels right’.

Sometimes we’re called to do things which seem a bit peculiar. Can you relate?

Like, I know that God is calling me to write more.

To share words about the Word with the world.

So, here I am. Blogging before breakfast.

You might read this at another point in your day, but I’m trying something new with the freshest part of my day and the freshest part of my brain.

Blog before breakfast. Welcome.

Doing what you’re called to do, what you’d like to do, what you hope to do – a lot of it comes down to decision, you know?

Like, you don’t have to wait for the stars to perfectly align or for the weather conditions to be just right before you step into what’s next. Even if it’s a step into the unknown. What does your step look like?

We make time for what we want to make time for is the truth.

What does that say about how and where you’re spending your time, and why?

So yes, blog before breakfast. It’s a little after 7am here at the time of writing (not the time of editing, tweaking, publishing etc. I do all that stuff later.) But after a workout, a short time of prayer and silence and then some Bible reading from my daily plan, I’m hopping on my laptop. No agenda. Just doing what God’s telling me to I suppose.

But don’t let this fool you into thinking obedience is second nature to me. Far from it. I actually love to write, so this isn’t the most difficult of asks. God’s been gracious. But even so, that’s not the point.

Amongst the myriad of things which building a business from scratch has taught me, it’s to take imperfect action and do the stuff which sounds weird or unnecessary or extra when you dream it up because maybe, just maybe, God has put it in your heart and mind for a reason.


You see, at High School, I was the girl that had the perfectly colour-coded revision timetable with literally a thousand good intentions about how I was going to be the best ‘reviser’ in the land. I knew when, I knew how, I knew what, and I knew where. But when it came to actually, you know, sitting down to DO the thing I’d do perfectly planned for – that was more tricky.

Good intentions don’t get results. Imperfect ACTION does.

Share that last line, put it above your desk, tattoo it on yourself for all I care, but honestly though? Heart to heart? Please, please do something with those dreams and desires of yours.

Please go forward in the direction of your declaration even if you’re uncertain about what that looks like, even if you’re afraid. He goes before you. Always has and always will.

Here’s the other amazing thing about all of that…

You already KNOW how to be brave.

You’ve already done so many things in your life which have really scared you, caused you to consider shrinking back and playing small. But for whatever reason, that day you overcame it, that day you said yes, that day you felt incredible. Like anything was possible.

Well, that wasn’t a fluke.

You already know how to be brave.

What would brave look like for you today? And will you do it? Will you take the steps required, even if they’re ones filled with trepidation?

Or perhaps you’re not sure about what your imperfect action is even supposed to look like today? Perhaps you’re literally so ready go, but don’t ACTUALLY know what going looks like.

Top tip – ASK. Ask God. Let Him draw near to you as you draw near to Him and ask. Sit in silence for 10 minutes (I try to do this each morning before writing stuff like this) and ask. Remember Isaiah after he’s called? He says ‘Here am I. Send me.’

I literally used to think that prayer was incredible. My new faith zeal used to pray it all the time and declare how fearless for the Lord I’d be – no matter what. And then He sent me into some difficult places at times, some challenges here and there… and sometimes prayers like that got quieter and quieter because I realised that this isn’t just some zealous hype. This is real life. This is calling.

And however scary and sometimes overwhelming it’s been, God has NEVER failed me. And I know for certain that I’d much rather do the scary things, the brave things, the stuff which might not make sense, than I want to stay in a comfort zone I was never created for.

And here’s a hunch. If you’re reading this, I know you feel the same.

You already know how to be brave.

If you want to go further, you have to dig deeper.

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