‘If it weren’t for ________’ I could…

Naomi Aidoo

I’ve been crying a lot recently.

We could put it down to pregnancy  hormones, I suppose. But actually, the emotions I’ve been feeling have been surrounding my business. Ever since the start of 2019, I’ve been met almost daily with the need and importance of my mission to mobilise driven Christian women who want to FULLY show up for lives, careers and businesses whilst keeping their faith first. And yet, there are SO many parts of me which want to continue to play it safe and do what feels ‘normal’.

And yet, as I write that – I find myself laughing.

Because seriously, what on earth is normal?

The thing is, it’s actually not funny. Your ‘normal’ could cost you so much more than you know. So many people pass off doing what’s normal as simply ‘what everyone does’. We fall in line, we stick to the parameters we believe we’ve been subconsciously assigned to and we stop asking questions.

We stop asking questions UNLESS we have a relentless commitment to not allowing our life to be dictated to us by anyone other than God.

 Another reason we stick with normal is because we decide that anything beyond it is idealistic. Please hear me…

Just because something comes naturally to you, you love it, it doesn’t feel like work and you’d do it for free does NOT mean that you stepping into it with everything you are is idealistic. Far from it. I mean think about it for a sec. If we all felt that way about the same thing, I might understand your point. But the truth is, your ‘sweet spot’ isn’t the same everyone else’s.

Maybe you love public speaking.

Perhaps your thing is graphic design work.

It could be that you love creating courses.

Maybe coaching clients 1:1 is your total dream.

For everything I could list based on what you might LOVE, there will be someone looking at you as if you’ve literally lost your mind.

And THAT is because we’ve all got individual and unique contributions to bring to the table. You trying to bring someone else’s doesn’t make sense. It means the banquet will always be missing something.

For the longest, I’ve known that my gift – my life’s work – is to equip people to LIVE OUT the truth’s of God’s Word in their contexts. A couple of years ago, I doubled down on that even further and started that work with leaders and entrepreneurs. I remember when I was a High School teacher though; I’d have the same ‘unrest’. I’d want the sermons preached from the pulpit to not only fill my head with knowledge, but to fill my actions with purpose outside of those four walls. Most of us don’t spend the majority of our week at church, after all.


When I started coaching leaders and entrepreneurs, my heart was for the same thing. For those women to not only KNOW that nothing is impossible with God, but to actually LIVE as though that’s what was true in their lives and their work.

That is my heart for you.

My desire is that you would truly get to grips with Whose you are, which will in turn show you WHO you are.

Once that part is in place, I can show you how to jump on Facebook live, create a sales funnel, or a highly converting Facebook ad. But for me, the work doesn’t start there. To be honest, I can’t start my work there. I need to know what lights you up, what God’s put on your heart and what you’ve continually felt confirmation around whenever you’ve prayed about it.

In his book ‘The Big Leap’, Gay Hendricks talks about how he overheard a conversation between a group of professors and highly-paid professional therapists, and although they each had various things to complain about, he noticed that the things they were moaning about weren’t actually what was truly bothering them.

“If it weren’t for _______, I could be doing what I really want to do.” They each remarked.

Hendricks noticed that these people had already written off their deepest desires as unobtainable because of the life they now lived (family, mortgage, responsibilities etc.)

As I was revisiting the book, I TOTALLY got it. In 4-months time, God willing, I’ll be giving birth to my first child. My fear mind tells me that now is most definitely NOT the time to be doing anything other than what’s ‘normal’. But faith tells me otherwise.

My mission and message in the world doesn’t stop and start with a change in my family status. The way I do it does, of course. But I’m absolutely certain I can’t use me being almost 5 months pregnant as a reason not to do the other things I’ve been created for (alongside being a mum!)

As I get closer to my due date, the ways in which you can work with me are starting to become more streamlined (I have 2 offers), but the work happening on the inside of them is becoming even more powerful because as far as I’m concerned, the call for leaders like you to step up is an URGENT one and I want to support you in doing just that.

It truly is a big leap to walk in exactly what you’re called to as opposed to what’s expected of you. I really hope it’s a leap you choose to make.

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If you’re looking to work with me more closely and have me in your business with you daily giving you what you need to go to your next level, stay tuned for news which you don’t want to miss coming VERY soon.

The world is waiting for your work!

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HEY! I’m Naomi, Business Coach for High-Level Female Entrepreneurs & Founder of Living Word League. 

I coach, write, teach and run programs which infuse practical strategies with Biblical principles (which I personally think is the best rule of thumb for success.) I moved from a 7-year High School teaching career, to building and scaling my business after starting out as a hobby-status blogger in 2011. Within months, I was able to go totally full time and haven't looked back. My success, as someone who previously would have never seen myself as an entrepreneur means that I'm now beyond passionate about business being an expression of Kingdom-building here on earth. Hobby status and inconsistent feast to famine months aren't cutting it for you anymore right? You're meant for a business which has faith as your foundation AND soars with success. That's where I come in.

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