Best Landlord Ever.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that landlords these days are hardly known for their kind hearted, selfless natures*. Mine trumps them all, and here’s why…

Going back about 8 months, the estate agent did their annual survey of my landlord’s properties and decided that I should definitely pay another £50 more a month for my lovely tiny studio flat in North London, on top of my already extortionate rent. I sighed and resigned myself to the fact that it probably just came with the territory. A couple of weeks later I bumped into my landlord. The following conversation really happened.

Landlord: Hi Naomi, the estate agents contacted you recently didn’t they? About increasing your rent?
Me: (With a glum disposition) Yes.
Landlord: Well, I know it’s been expensive, you moving to central London from Croydon. (Pause) I’m not going to increase it. Let’s just keep it the same.
Me: (Frown turned upside down) Oh wow, that’s brilliant. Thanks so much…

So as you can see already, my landlord is pretty special. But as they** say, ‘You ain’t seen nothin yet’. Fast forward to present day. As most people in the universe know, I’m getting married in August. My landlord was one of the few people who didn’t know, (and perhaps one of the few people that should have known)… Anyway, all that aside, he text me out of the blue saying that he has a one bedroom flat available in his property NEXT DOOR to where I currently reside if I was, or knew anyone that would be interested. I called him and explained that my up coming nuptials meant that I was indeed looking for a place to live in, bigger than a box room in four months time, with my soon to be husband (eek!) He said I could move in now and my fiancé could move in later if we wanted. I said that that was all very well and good but saving for a wedding is not conducive to starting to pay an extra £200 rent a month. To which he replied, “Well why don’t you just pay what you’re paying now and then I’ll just change it in August?”…. Who DOES that?! Also bear in mind that we hadn’t even seen the flat at this point. Already this was amazing news. The next day he called me to tell me he’d found out from the estate agents, which he also had the flat advertised with, that some people had looked around, liked it and were ready to take it. He stalled the estate agents for us and said that he had someone who liked it (us) and that we were just coming to back from holiday (my parents house) and would pay the deposit then (not true). The other guys had a deposit ready & were going to pay full price rent from the off (like normal tenants). Anyway, to cut an already very long story, short… We looked at it, liked it, and I’m moving in next Thursday! My fiancé will join me in 4 months time. No deposits or paperwork required as he already has mine from the place I’m currently in. He’s even replacing the single bed with a double, and putting in a sofa for us. (I figured I’d ask.)

So, as I said, my landlord is better than yours. But even more importantly, my GOD knows my needs before I even ask them of Him, and He abundantly and faithfully exceeds expectations and provides. He is truly Jehovah Jireh, and for this, I give Him thanks and praise.

*- I’m sure that if you’re a landlord and you’re reading this, you’re very lovely.
**- Who are 'they’?