#6 Then Sings my Soul

Tested, yet ever Yours

You hem me in.

Jaded, I sit at the foot of Your Cross,

brushing off what today clung onto.

Fresh mercy is here.

I look for You, and even before I feel or hear You,

I am found by You.

Found in love everlasting, found in breathtaking grace.


You lay Your gentle hand upon me,

here is my comfort.


again, I yield my heart to what You will,

Your triumphant tranquillity draws me.

I lay me down

and wait a while.

I behold the refreshing warmth of Your countenance.

You never tire of my heart cry,

my surrendered soul is your desire.

Veil removed now.

I fellowship with creation,

I dance in the splendour of the sunshine.

Within Your fortress, I find freedom,

here my worship is started,

my Father’s joy imparted.

Your glorious majesty is my awakening,

Your exalted state, my kindling.

Once more,

once more I know that here is home.

You redeemed my life, that I might stand,

to my feet, I rise.

You sustain my steps.

Then sings my soul.